Why Do Dogs Get Along With Some Pets And Hate Some Other Pets

Why Do Dogs Get Along With Some Pets And Hate Some Other Pets

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It may be odd for pet owners to see their pets make split-second judgments on other pets, and decide to love or hate them. However, thatโ€™s only because you arenโ€™t seeing things from your dogโ€™s point of view. We take a look at what is the train of thought that goes behind these doggy judgments.

Why does your pet hate some dogs?

Dogs make judgments on other pets based on their body language and scent, among other factors. The display of dominant or aggressive posture may cause your pet to hate other pets. Your dog may instantly take to some dogs, after smelling a whiff of


on them, while he may hate him if he has a peculiar scent. Alphas in canines usually get along better with pets of the opposite gender, due to dominance issues. It is also not unusual for dogs to get along well with dogs of the same breed.Your dog may hate another dog if it reminds him of a dog that had previously attacked him. In fact, a dog attacked by another canine from a certain breed, may take to hating other dogs of the same breed after the episode. Sometimes, dogs may start growling when they see a bigger dog, if they are scared for themselves or their owners. Your dog may take an aggressive stance around other dogs because he is being possessive or defensive.

Should you do something about it?

Your dogโ€™s hate of other pets should not be a cause of concern in most cases, especially if your dog runs into the other dog only occasionally. However, if your dog has to live in close quarters or interact with the other dog regularly then you want to look into obedience training and monitored interactions to prevent fights and aggression.You can start by helping your dog associate the presence of the other pet with positive incidents, such as receiving treats. Give your dog a treat every time he sees the other pet; soon he will look forward to seeing the other pet, as it means that treats will manifest soon. If your dog behaves aggressively toward the other dog due to behavioral issues, then you want to take him to an expert. There are also socialization classes for pets that help them interact with other pets in a structured environment.Once you are sure that your petโ€™s socialization and behavioral issues have been resolved, you can consider introducing him to the other pet in a closely monitored setting for a short period of time. You may not be able to get them to get along extremely well, but so long as they are able to co-exist in peace, it should not be a problem.

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