Why And When Do Cats Hiss?


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Your feline friend will be the most affectionate and sweetest cat at one moment and suddenly be your worst enemy and hiss at you. Although it looks hilarious when your cat starts to hiss, it doesnโ€™t feel the same. In fact, it is much more serious to your cat because hissing is a defensive mechanism. If you have come across this situation, you would be thinking why do cats hiss in the first place? Well, you have come to the right place to get all your cat hiss questions answered.

Origins Of Cat Hiss

It is true that a catโ€™s hiss sounds like that of a snake. According to a handful of feline behavior experts, cats learned how to hiss by imitating snakes. In the wild, it is quite common for animals to mimic other species as a survival tactic. Almost every animal in the wild will pay attention when they hear a snake hiss.

Why Do Cats Hiss?

Cats hiss when they want to warn other living things about their presence. As cats prefer to avoid physical confrontations as much as possible, they will use vocalizations, markings, and body postures to warn their opponents. Cats hiss because they are reacting to an unpleasant scenario, which is making them feel scared, frightened, or unhappy.Cats can hiss at all living beings, ranging from their owners to stray animals. When your cat hisses at you, it is a sign that you should stay away if you donโ€™t want to face the consequences. Cats hiss when they want to assert their dominance over others. If there are other unfamiliar cats in the neighborhood, your feline friend will hiss at them to show its displeasure.

When Do Cats Hiss?

Even the most mellowed out feline will hiss when you bring a new pet such as a cat or a dog or any other pet into its territory. Your cat will feel like it is going to lose out on attention and food because of the new arrival. Your feline friend may also think that the newcomer wants to fight, so it is preparing itself.When a guest visits your house, he/she will be carrying scents that are unfamiliar to your feline friend. If that guest has pets at home, he/she will also have their scents. As your cat doesnโ€™t recognize those scents, it will hiss at the guest to tell him/her that it doesnโ€™t want to meet them.

What To Do When Your Cat Is Hissing?

If your cat starts hissing at you or your guests or any other living being, then you need to give it time and space. Leave your feline friend alone for some time, till it calms down. Avoid punishing your cat because it hissed at someone. If you want your cat to become comfortable with your guest, then allow it to sniff that personโ€™s objects such as clothes, shoes, or socks till it becomes familiar with the scent.If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below!

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