Dry Vs. Wet Food โ€“ How To Choose The Best For Your Pet


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Food and nutrition are very important in the development of a pet. We all love our pets dearly but we often find it hard to choose between which pet foods to choose in order to keep them healthy. Should we choose the dry pet food or the wet pet food? Although this decision may seem all-consuming at the time, it is not all that difficult when all things are considered. Here are the pros and cons of each category of pet food so you can make a wise decision, once you know all the details.

Pros And Cons Of Dry Pet Food

Dry Pet Food is hands down, the most convenient type of pet food out there. Not only can it be easily stored, but it can also be fed to our pets easily. You can leave our dry pet food for your pet to eat without any fear of spoilage. Many owners appreciate the ability of dry pet foods to stay edible for months on end. They sometimes even take advantage of this and leave food out for their beloved pets for the whole day or even days. This is especially helpful for cat owners going out of town for a week or so. They could just leave out food for that whole week and their cat will get to it, eating it at her own pace.Dry food is more cost-effective when you have more than one pet to feed. Sometimes dry dog food can also be used as a training treat. Since there are a variety of shapes, flavors, and sizes that dry dog food comes in, it makes it easier to find the best type for your pet.There are drawbacks, however. Dry foods donโ€™t provide as much hydration as wet foods can. Dry foods can also have less animal-based proteins than whatโ€™s necessary for the healthy growth of your pet.

Pros And Cons Of Wet Dog Food

Many animals donโ€™t drink as much water as they are supposed to. They provide your animals with hydration โ€“ especially if your pet is one that is especially reluctant in that department. With wet pet foods, your pet will be able to enjoy a larger sized portion per meal without the addition of extra calories. More elderly pets who have lost their olfactory senses will be more satisfied eating wet foods that are often more full of taste and scent when compared to dried foods. Wet foods can also be used to feed sick animals who have lost their appetites. The rich smell can usually draw them to eat. Wet foods are also a great option for dogs who have dental problems like poorly aligned jaws, missing teeth, and smaller mouths.There are also drawbacks to this seemingly great choice though. Wet pet foods require you to give your pets a more attentive dental care when cleaning their teeth. Sometimes your pets tend to make a bit of a mess when eating wet foods and you will have to clean that up. Wet food also doesnโ€™t have that long a shelf life, it is one of those foods that has to be consumed immediately or it goes bad. Wet food is not as cost-effective as dry food in most cases.No matter what you feed your dog, all you want for them is to be good, and grow up healthy. You will obviously want to choose the best type of food at the most appropriate price range. Now that you know the pros and cons of each, hopefully you will now have an easier choice.

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