Why A Dog Owner Is The Ideal Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Why A Dog Owner Is The Ideal Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

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While you might be wondering what itโ€™s like to date a dog owner, it would be helpful to know that rearing a pet is not a thing for the commitment phobes. The fact that dog owners are natural caregivers with nurturing and fiercely tenacious personalities, says a lot about how great they could be as a potential partner to you. Here is a list of a few amazing reasons as to why dog owners make some of the best companions for life.

Dog owners are not afraid of commitment

Rearing a dog is like raising a baby and requires fierce commitment. An individual who doesnโ€™t shy away from sacrificing their energy, freedom, money and time to ensure a happy and healthy life for their four legged buddies, can be counted on for long term relationships as well.

Dog owners are naturally affectionate

Ever seen a doting dog parent getting vexed over their doggieโ€™s slobbery kisses or night cuddles? Well, thatโ€™s exactly what makes your typical dog owners some of the most compassionate and loving creatures around. Up for a cuddle after a bad day at work? Well, theyโ€™re all yours!

Dog owners enjoy companionship

Not to mention the fact that they are heavily inspired by their furry little friends, dog owners are pretty friendly and enjoy the companionship of people around them. They can be rightly touted as natural empaths and can intuitively understand your various moods without you having to utter a single word!

Dog owners know how to handle a mess

Raising a dog implies that one must be prepared to deal with ill timed poops, muddy paw prints, pee spills and loads and loads of fur anywhere and everywhere. The great part is that instead of freaking out, dog owners are always composed and ready with their poop scoops and vacuum cleaners to get rid of the mess- more like a bonus when it comes to dealing with a clogged toilet at home!

Dog owners are pretty active

What with the regular dog walking schedule, dog parents are typically found to be more active that those who do not rear pets. Dog owners are well aware of the downsides of an inactive pet and are willing to fit in adequate outdoor time (within their hectic schedules) for playing and running around with their little ball of fur. Regular activity for the sake of their pets also apparently goes a long way in keeping the owners fit and healthy in the long haul.Most importantly, dog owners have enormous hearts filled with love for everyone, and will always be willing to go the extra mile to keep you protected and out of harmโ€™s way.

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