Where to Save on Pet Care Online


You can take your furry friend to the veterinarian for check-ups, but nothing is worse than having him get sick.ย While you can stay on top of appointments, feed your dog all of the right food and give him the proper exercise routine, different conditions can pop up without any warning.It's important that you know where to turn when your canine begins to show signs of being sick. Here are the top five places to find discounted pet care online.

1. PetPlus

With a low introductory price of $4.99 per month, owners can start saving money on all kinds of pet care. Medications, food, vet visits and more cost fewer dollars when pet parents sign up for PetPlus, as a membership with this health plan grants access to cheap wholesale prices that can't be found in chain suppliers. There are countless supplements, heartworm meds, tick treatments and oral health supplies for owners to choose from. Joining PetPlus gives dog parents the freedom to receive discounts at their local pharmacy, order pet care online from websites like PetCareRx and get up to 25 percent off on trips to the vet.

2. PetCareRx

This website offers a shopping experience that eases the search for online medications. It provides deals right from the start, including promotional codes for 20 percent off top medications like Heartgard and Frontline Plus for Dogs. Anytime owners place orders worth $35 or more, they can earn free shipping from PetCareRx. Taking care of dogs' health concerns can become costly, but with this medication provider, pet parents have access to more affordable treatments.

3. 1-800-PetMeds

This online pet shop for medications like


and Iverhart Max can give owners everything they need to keep their dogs happy and healthy. 1-800-PetMeds allows members to search for treatments based on conditions, including skin irritation, weight management and shedding control. However, a 4-month supply of Advantix II from 1-800-PetMeds costs $10 more than PetPlus. In addition, it doesn't provide veterinarian discounts or wholesale pricing on leading medications.

4. PetMD

PetMD is full of pet care online supplies from around the web. It also plays host to useful information regarding pet breeds, nutritional facts and animal care tips. With flea and tick season in full swing, it's important that owners know exactly where to look for the right medications. Other websites such as PetCareRX and PetPlusย have both the insight and supplies that pet parents need to help their dogs endure tick and flea season, rendering a service like PetMD practically useless.

5. Foster and Smith

When placing orders with this supplier, owners can earn free shipping when spending $49 or more on any of the supplies that this company offers. Yet, PetPlus customers don't pay for shipping on any orders. Foster and Smith carries everything from Sentinel Spectrum to Previcox, but prices for these leading medications are at least $5-10 higher than those on PetCareRx.In searching for pet care online, pet parents should trust


to deliver on all of their wants and needs. The exclusive deals and affordable prices are just a few of the benefits of shopping with this supplier.

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