Houston Animal Rescuer Gives Second-Hand Pet Supplies New Life

Houston Animal Rescuer Gives Second-Hand Pet Supplies New Life

While working at a pet store back in 1997, Janet Huey -- a long time Houston animal rescuer -- had a thought: where do pet supplies go when a pet dies or outgrows them?โ€œThis was way before eBay, Craigslist, etc.,โ€ Janet says. โ€œThere was no niche anywhere.โ€She decided to leave her job and start

Pet Resale Stuff

, a mobile microbiz serving the huge pet community in Houston, TX. Pet Resale Stuff does just what it says -- resells discarded pet stuff. Janetโ€™s inventory is made up of items that pet owners trade in, items found at thrift stores, and items that she collects through referrals from veterinary clinics.If you live in the Houston area, be sure to stop by

Pet Resale Stuffโ€™s Facebook page

to find out about upcoming sales and offers.โ€œRecycling pet items is increasing in popularity,โ€ Janet says. โ€œYounger people are really liking the โ€˜greenโ€™ aspect.โ€At any given time, Janet may be selling crates, beds, leashes, toys, grooming supplies, pet clothes, and more at deep discounts. She also sells non-pet items that become pet items with a bit of imagination.โ€œSleeping bags make great, inexpensive beds for big and little dogs,โ€ Janet says. โ€œAnd pillow shams with a thick piece of foam make inexpensive beds, as they usually come in pairs.โ€Because Janet cares about the safety of her two-legged and four-legged customers, she makes sure to clean and disinfect anything she plans to resell.โ€œFor cat trees, for example, I replace the sisal and let the tree sit out in the sun before using lots of carpet cleaner,โ€ Janet says.And if an item doesnโ€™t meet her standards for reselling, sheโ€™ll keep it for herself if she can use it for her own dogs, cats, or cockatiel.Pet Resale Stuff is mobile and sells at the Westbury Animal Hospital in Houston on weekends. Janet also makes deliveries. Her client base is made up of employees at vet clinics, loyal shoppers who like the delivery option, and a spay/neuter clinic that buys up every crate Janet can find.โ€œI love everything about my job,โ€ Janet says. โ€œI get the most joy out of keeping a dog in a home when the humans were ready to give up on them. And Iโ€™m able to save Houstonians money while keeping stuff out of landfills.โ€

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Thank you, Janet, for all that you do!

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