Which Dog Is Right for You? Helping You Find Your New Best Friend. With Pictures!

Which Dog Is Right for You?

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With so many dog breeds out there, it helps to ask, โ€œWhat dog is right for me?โ€ Take a look at our comprehensive infographic and use it to help make your decision.

“What is the best dog for me?” Good question. People love dogs. We have for thousands of years. In that time, our numerous societies and nature herself have come up with hundreds of different dog breeds, some as large as a pony and others smaller than a house cat. Some of these breeds can play for hours on end, while others are happy with one short walk a day. Some are very smart. Some are great with kids. Some need considerable acreage to run around in, while others are happy in a studio apartment.

While no one breed is better than any other, there is most definitely a best dog breed for you. This infographic will help you find which dog is right for you.

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