When Should You Consider Euthanasia For Your Pet?


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You can never be sure of the time to euthanize your pet. If you are in no position to make any decision, consider asking the opinion of a veterinarian. Sometimes a dispassionate view of the circumstance makes for a better decision. Do keep in mind that it is your choice and your decision. As a pet owner, your feelings are important too. You should suffer less too.

Hard choice

Many pet owners wait for a particular sign of coming death and subsequently make their decision dependent on it. They feel their pet is almost ready with "almost" being the keyword. Owners wait for their pets to stop eating and cease drinking. These are the signs most owners wait for. Some wait for second opinions. These could be made by specialists. Mind you, such professionals may have a brusque behavior and may actually save your dog for the time being.Most euthanasia decisions are made any random morning when the owner wakes up and takes the decision to do the needful. They arrive at a moral certainty which is sufficient to help them achieve mental peace. If you are too tearful about the event, it is perfectly okay to include family and friends in the decision. If you take this path, to include people who love pets. Many people do not understand the love of a human being towards an animal. Include only people who love pets as you do.

Forced to end

There are times when it is intolerable for you to wait and watch your best friend dying slowly. This happens to post a chronic illness. You have tried every medicine and every painkiller to no effect. You are mentally exhausted and continue to see your pet suffer. Do euthanasia if you have exhausted all the options and you cannot bear its suffering anymore.There can be times when you will be forced to euthanize your pet. This happens after a botched surgery. Although it appears like a curse, it is actually a blessing. In such cases the decision will be taken out of your control, The veterinarian will take the decision for you. You can also be forced to put down your pet if you have exhausted all finances.Many owners euthanize their pets to prevent prolonged suffering. It is sometimes better to be early than to be late. Sometimes your dog will live longer but at great suffering. You can take the decision to give it much needed peace. Every pet and their situation is different. No single rule is applicable to all dogs when the time comes for the final adieu. Get help from a veterinarian or a close friend who is not emotionally invested in the situation.

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