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Deciding on the best veterinarian can be quite a tricky choice to make. A good vet should be able to understand your pet, diagnose him correctly, and also provide you with some assurance that your pet is in good hands. If you are looking for some tips to find out the best vet for your precious furry friend, continue reading.


It is essential to ask around amongst friends and neighbors as to whom they consult for their pet's health. Local pet shelters are also excellent sources for ascertaining the best veterinarians in your locality. It is more beneficial to trust word of mouth as compared to online reviews and ratings.

Friendly Staff

When you call to make an appointment, be sure to notice the attitude of the staff members at the vetโ€™s clinic. A polite and friendly demeanour is important as it can speak volumes about the professionalism of the place. If you have to face impolite behaviour over the phone, it is highly likely that the staff would be just as negligent with your pet.

Pet Philosophies

As a pet owner, you are allowed to have a say on a few critical matters that concern your pet. Euthanasia, neutering, and cancer care are a few of the areas of healthcare that requires your input as well. Ensure that the veterinarian you choose has pet philosophies that align with yours. If you can place your trust in this person, you can ensure that your pet will receive the most suitable healthcare.


Veterinarian bills are surely those expenses that come in unexpectedly. You do not need to break the bank in order to ensure adequate healthcare for your precious pooch. Choose a veterinarian whose fees meet your budget. As for other treatments, ask your vet for payment options such as installments or monthly payments to ease the burden on your pocket.

Location and Hours of Operation

If there arises a pet emergency that needs immediate attention, you will be less anxious knowing that your vet is in close proximity to where you live. Choosing a clinic within a reasonable distance from your house can ensure that you will get the care you need. Be sure to make a note of the clinic's hours of operation. Go a step further and find out about the next available clinic that would be open if one of your choices is closed for the day.

Second opinions

If your pet is suffering from any illness, it may be best to avail a second opinion for a practitioner aside from your chosen vet. A good vet will have a few references up to their sleeve, to give you the peace of mind you deserve. Finally, it is important to follow your intuition. If all the above parameters are met, you need to book the first appointment to test out the clinic for yourself. If the vetโ€™s attitude and philosophies align with your wishes, they could be the best choice for you.

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