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Auto-Delivery Makes Life Easier (For Real This Time)



first launched its site 14 years ago it made the process of procuring your petโ€™s favorite food a whole lot easier. Gone were the days of trekking through inclement weather to the pet store to choose between two brands of generic dog chow. Once you picked one, dusted it off (how long had it been on the shelf?) and reminded yourself what a herniated disc feels like lugging the twenty pound bag to the counter you realized you forgot your card. Well, it looks like Sparky will have to sprint back and forth to the pet store to get his meals until youโ€™re out of traction.Skip ahead to just a few weeks ago when, having long since forgotten the route to your old pet store, you are busy โ€œsaving timeโ€ by checking e-mails every five minutes, banking online, and setting passwords so complex even you canโ€™t break into your own accounts. PetCareRx.com has miraculously healed your spine, saved you time and money at the pet store and empowered your pets to lead healthier and more exciting lives. On the other hand, you find yourself whispering your credit card security code in your sleep and your brainy dog, viewing you as a growth that has formed on your laptop, has learned how to take himself out for an evening walk.But then something new happened, something to change the way you and your pets live your lives. PetCareRx.com created an Auto-Delivery System!PetCareRx.com Auto-Delivery allows you to order once and then move on with your life and let the food keep rolling in on schedule. ย Now your free time is actually free, your dog has stopped losing sleep over his depleting food bin and the two of you, with new leases on life, can share afternoon squirrel hunts and go diving for ducks at the local pond. Let us do the work; you have the fun.

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