What you should do if you find a stray kitten

What you should do if you find a stray kitten

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Summer means longer and warmer days. The season also means more stray kittens being found on the street. If you see a kitten, and your first reaction is to take it and bring it back to your cozy home, hold that thought.

Wait for its mother

Do not bring that kitten home the first time you see it. You must wait and see if its mother returns back to claim her baby. There is a possibility of the mother cat being nearby, searching for food to feed her babies. Taking the kittens away from her is not only a barbaric thing to do, but it will also be hard for you to keep the babies alive.If the mother returns and she seems friendly, take them both to the nearest government approve pet care center. They will take them both in and care for them until the kittens are sufficiently old to get weaned. In case the mother is a feral cat, offer it water and food. Leave the two alone. Contact the local government agency to find out how the kittens could be neutered or spayed.

Taking the kitten

In case the mother does not return, trap the cat into a small shelter. You can also simply pick up the kitten and put it inside a box. If you want to care for the small animal by itself, do remember that you must provide 24-hour care for the next few weeks. Specialized care will be required if the animals are found to be neo-natal. If your experience for caring for kittens is minimal, then it will be best if you contact a vet or an animal care group. If you want to care for these kittens by yourself, find out their age first. Observe physical signs like the opening of their eyes. The best way to take it forward is to take it to a veterinarian. The professional could figure out its age and also develop a comprehensive plan to care for and feed for such an animal.


Put kittens inside a small box lined with towels or blankets. The kittens must not be kept with any other pet. Provide a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel within the box. Ensure there is sufficient room in the box for kittens to move. They should be able to move away from the heat source if it is too warm for them to be comfortable. Change its bedding when needed. In case the kitten needs to be cleaned, use a moist cloth to do so. Take a towel and dry it. Do not use water to wash the kitten. You should feed the kitten only the special kitten formula sold at any pet store.

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