And Your Symptoms Are?


If youโ€™ve read it from us once, youโ€™ve read it a hundred times. There is no alternative to having a good veterinarian for your pet. Your vet not only knows more about your furry friendโ€™s health, but is also trained to soothe them as they do their work.Having said that, it doesnโ€™t hurt to do your own research in between vet visits, and that is where PetCareRx comes in. Our articles are reviewed by licensed veterinarians and help keep you up to date on the newest health trends and age-old pet wisdom.

Updates to Your Pet's Profile!

But PetCareRx is always striving to improve your personalized pet experience and with that in mind we bring you an update for your personalized pet profile. When you register your pet with us you'll see a new menu for you to tell us what specific health issues your pet may have. Is your cat allergic to soy? Does your dog have some hip pain? All of this information will help us figure out which products may be best for your four-legged friend.We want to get to know you and your pet better, to better serve you. Donโ€™t delay, update your petโ€™s profile today!

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