Double Amputee Toddler and Her Tripod Puppy - A Heartwarming Photo Album

Double Amputee Toddler and Her Tripod Puppy - A Heartwarming Photo Album

Occasionally the stars align and everything seems to work out perfectly, despite any prior adversity faced. Such is the case with 3-year-old Sapphyre Johnson and her new puppy, Lt. Dan.Born with an unknown malady that prevented her hands and feet from developing properly, at 1 year of age Sapphyre had her feet amputated so she could be fitted for prosthesis and learn to walk.


Meanwhile, Karen Riddleโ€™s German shepherd had a litter of 9 puppies, one of whom was born without one of his front paws - the aptly named Lt. Dan (

after theย character in Forrest Gump

). The only puppy in the litter with a missing paw, Karen worried about his chances of getting adopted. And then she heard about Sapphyre.


It was a match made in heaven. โ€œA lot of kids donโ€™t see other children or animals that have issues like they have,โ€ said Sapphyreโ€™s father Matthew. From the first time Sapphyre saw pictures of little Lt. Dan, she was overcome with joy - โ€œThatโ€™s my puppy! Heโ€™s just like me!โ€ exclaimed the excited little girl.


Not only does Lt. Dan give Sapphyre the companionship of a kindred spirit, but his playful nature also motivates her to get up and exercise, which is important for anyone learning to walk on prostheticย legs.


Since the pairing of Sapphyre and Lt. Dan, the Johnson family has been fairly vocal about how incredibly grateful they are for Karen Riddleโ€™s thoughtful and generous display. And while Karen is glad for all the thanks, she is most elated by having found a loving home for Lt. Dan - especially one where he stands to make such a tremendous impact on a childโ€™s development.

See the dynamic duo playing together here.Sapphyre-10Sapphyre-2 Sapphyre-9 Sapphyre-7Sapphyre-6

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