What You Need to Know Before Flying with Your Dog


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Flying with your dog need not be stressful, given you know what all it entails. Flights seem to be allowing more dogs on-board now more than ever. Itโ€™s natural then, that pet owners want to carry their pets along with them while on their travels. So how do you go about flying your dog with you? Here's how โ€“

  • Spend time researching โ€“ When you're flying with your pet, you want to board a non-stop flight. Possibly, the flight with the shortest duration. A handy tip is not to travel during the holiday season, as airports tend to be busier around this time. You don't want to aggravate your pet's anxiety any further by introducing it to crowded environments right before/after a flight. If the airline services mandate that your pet travel as part of the cargo, then research the time it will be most comfortable for them there. If you're traveling in warm weather, choose early morning/late evening flights. If you are traveling during the winter seasons, pick flights around mid-day to facilitate the most comfortable travel experience for your dog.
  • Take your dog for a checkup โ€“ You need to update your dog on any pending immunizations before flying him/her. Verify your dog's health and get yourself a clean chit in the form of a health certificate for your dog, stating that it is fit for travel. Also, consult the vet on what to feed your dog on the day of the flight. 
  • Invest in a comfortable and sturdy dog crate โ€“ You can travel with your dog on-board if he/she is small enough to fit in a crate that you can place under the seat in front of you. Consult the airline for size specifications they permit for pet carriers and buy one with enough legroom for your dog to stretch around. 
  • Book your flight early โ€“ Every flight has a policy on the number of pets they can carry. These slots are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you want to fly your dog with you, you will need to be mindful of this and book your flight as early as possible.
  • You will need to pay extra โ€“ Airline services charge passengers traveling with pets extra. The fee depends on the number of pets, their sizes and if they're being transported on cargo hold or with you, as cabin luggage.

What now?

Overwhelmed? Don't be. Now that you know all you needed to know about preparing your dog for boarding a flight with you sit back and relax. As long as you follow the instructions provided above, you and your pet should be fine. Don't overthink it and try to enjoy having your dog ob-board a flight with you, for companionship.

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