Arizona Couple Arrested for Neglecting 9 Dogs



The vast majority of pet parents are warm, loving people who truly accept their responsibility as the caretaker and guardian for an animal that needs them. However, there is always a small contingency who either don't fully grasp the importance of proper pet care, leaving their poor pets to suffer on account of their negligence. Be that as it may - and we may never be rid of these ignorant pet owners - society is getting better at sniffing them out and holding them responsible for their abhorrent actions.

Cruelty in the Grand Canyon state


Arizona couple Daniel Gonzalez and Andrea Mendoza were arrested

for abandoning nine dogs without water, food or shelter behind a home in Tonopah for an extended period of time. The two were booked on 27 counts of animal cruelty, and two counts of animal cruelty and physical injury, according to The Republic.This heartbreaking story gets even worse when you realize that seven of the nine dogs were puppies, no older than 5 weeks. Luckily they were rescued just in time, with the newspaper reporting that another eight to 20 hours could have led to the dogs' deaths.Veterinarians started treating the thin, sick pooches for dehydration and hypothermia immediately. The dogs were saved thanks to a property owner noticing the emaciated canines and calling the police.These tough and resilient pups and pooches will hopefully end up back to full health and adopted by families that shower them in love and provide them with ample food and water. While you'd never treat your dogs the way this couple did, it can never hurt to know how much food, water and shelter your pooch needs to be safe.


Just like people, dogs need water more than any other nutrient. Cesar's Way recommended that dogs drink about 8.5 to 17 ounces for every 10 pounds that they weigh. But dogs can self-regulate, so as a pet parent, all you need to do is provide water for your pooch to access. When dogs are active, they'll need even more. When in doubt, find your pooch some fresh, clean water to lap up.


Dogs are capable of going upwards of a week without food, but that is only in dire circumstances. To keep your dog healthy and full, work with your veterinarian to establish a diet and feeding schedule for your pooch. Use specialty or prescription dog food, like

Hill's Prescription Dog Food


Royal Canin Dog Food

, to ensure that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need no matter what their dietary restrictions may be.


Dogs need to be protected from rain, cold weather, and heat just like humans. Make sure your dog has access to shelter from the elements, whether it be a dog house or a flap on the back door. Most responsible pet parents only run into temperature issues with their dogs while traveling, so talk to your veterinarian before flying to ensure their safety.Use


to save on the best prescription diets and specialty dog foods.

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