What Do These Weird Cat Habits Mean?




Cats are amazing creatures and great companions but sometimes they do things that leave you stumped. Unlike dogs, cats are different socially and thus their actions might seem weird but we've compiled a list of โ€œweirdโ€ behaviors and why your kitty does them:

  • Nail BitingCats that bite their nails could be similar to their human counterparts โ€“ anxious or bored. It could also jusr be a simple bad habit or an indicator that your cat desperately needs her nails clipped. If it's a bad habit then you will have to figure what is making your cat anxious.
  • Clacking at birdsSome cats have the random habit of chattering at certain birds that fly by. Some researchers claim that this is because they are frustrated as they can't go outside and catch them. To further this, some claim that it is a natural instinct before they kill their prey.
  • Chewing random objectsIf you're cat is chewing on random non-food objects like carpets, plastic, blankets and more, it's a sign of anxiety. It's similar to when humans are nervous and shake their legs or twirl their hair. To stop your cat from chewing on random things, you can buy him/her a chew toy. Moreover, you have to figure out what is causing the anxiety as eating random objects can damage your cat's mouth and digestion system.
  • Sprinting around the houseMost cats can run as fast as 31 miles per hour, when kept indoors they have a lot of pent up energy. You might see them randomly sprinting around the house and bouncing off objects as a way of expelling energy. If your cat does this often, you need to play with it more regularly or let it go outside.
  • Loves small spacesAlmost every cat loves cardboard boxes and try to squeeze themselves into the ones they can find. This can be hilarious to watch but it's part of their natural instinct to stay safe. Feral cats have to survive in the open and thus prefer small, enclosed spaces for safety. This instinct is till present in house cats and has amusing results.
  • Headbutting/ rubbing against youWhen a cat headbutts you or rubs up against you, it is a sign of affection. It is trying to mark you with it's scent. It might also be a sign of inviting affection from your side. Typically cats do this when you get home and accompany it with a small, cute meow.
  • Interrupting youEveryone who owns a cat knows the feeling of working or reading a newspaper just to have your kitty pounce up on the table or sleep on your keyboard. This is your cat seeking attention from you and reminding you of its presence. They also do this because when you are relaxed your cat likes to relax next to you.
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