What Comprises A Holistic Pet Meal?


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There are many different keywords in the pet food industry in todayโ€™s day and age and sometimes, no matter how much marketing companies may mean well, the word, โ€˜holisticโ€™ has also become a keyword thatโ€™s used to sell lots and lots of pet food. As there technically isnโ€™t a legal definition to โ€˜holisticโ€™ some companies use it as they please. So pet parents have to read beyond the marketing labels, slogans, and even name of the product to determine what it is that theyโ€™re buying for their beloved pets.

What Does The Word โ€˜Holisticโ€™ Mean?

For some people, the word holistic is something thatโ€™s better as a whole than in smaller parts. For others, it could as well mean something completely different.The word โ€˜holisticโ€™ has been defined as, โ€œA belief that a system must be managed as a whole rather than addressing the individual components that make it function.โ€ When it comes to holistic medicine, it means, โ€œAn approach to medical care that emphasizes the study of ALL aspects of a personโ€™s health, including; physical, psychological, social, and cultural factors.โ€ So what does this mean for our pets and the food that they eat?Holistic pet food should be something that sustains your pet on a more wholesome level. It shouldnโ€™t just keep him from getting hungry again or feed his hunger for the time being. It should also be able to improve his abilities and enhance his mental capabilities. Instead of just doing small parts in his health, a holistic meal should also be able to care for the physical, mental, and psychological factors of his well-being.

Here is what a holistic pet meal should consist of:
  • Natural ingredients โ€“ holistic pet foods should only have ingredients that have been harvested naturally. They should be without chemicals, preservatives, and anything artificial. They shouldnโ€™t have hormones, dyes, pesticides, or antibiotics.
  • Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains โ€“ It should not have any processed parts. It should also be free of any by-products of other ingredients.
  • The ingredients should benefit the pet โ€“ The food should not be there to only entice the pet owner into buying it. The fact that it could make your pet eat something that he otherwise wouldnโ€™t should also not be a selling point.
  • Enhanced vitamins โ€“ The food should contain proteinated/chelated minerals as well as enhanced vitamins.

The benefits of having a healthy diet cannot be stressed enough. So next time you go shopping for your pet, make sure you buy pet food that doesnโ€™t just look colorful or has a fancy name, but is also healthy and wholesome for your pet.While the term โ€˜holisticโ€™ has many different meanings, it is important to look for one that suits you and your petsโ€™ purpose the most.

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