Can I Preserve My Dogโ€™s Immunity without Vaccinations?


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Yes! In fact, you can preserve and enhance your canineโ€™s immunity without vaccinations. This alternative immunity booster is called immunonutrition. Immunonutrition refers to trace elements, minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients that influence antibody production, resistance to diseases, white blood cells, and inflammatory processes. Due to its positive effects in these areas, immunonutrition preserves and enhances the immune system of your canine.Immunonutrition started off with the study of malnutritionโ€™s effects on the insufficiency of the immune system. Due to significant advancements in healthcare for pets, malnutrition is no longer the primary reason for the decrease in immunity. Around 70% of your canineโ€™s immunity system comes from its gut. Because of this, the immune cell receptors found in the GI tract is the best platform for preserving and enhancing the immune system of your canine through diet.

Nutrients to boost and preserve immunity

By providing these basic and essential nutrients, you will be able to boost and preserve your canineโ€™s immunity system:

Amino acids and proteins

When you add Arginine, an amino acid, to your canineโ€™s food, it increases the immune function of the T-cell. T-cell is extremely important to your canineโ€™s immune system as it helps in effectively responding against cancerous cells and pathogens. It isnโ€™t clear how much Arginine is present in commercial and processed dog food. However, chicken, eggs, and salmon are great sources for Arginine.

Essential fatty acids

Arachadonic acid (AA) is one nutrient commonly found in the majority of the cheap commercial pet foods. Low inflammation is a primary and common finding in most chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis, which affects dogs. Rather than feeding cheap commercial foods, you should feed your dog high-quality pet food. You can improve and boost your canineโ€™s immunity by adding omega-3 fatty acid in its diet. Omega-3 fatty acid reduces prostaglandins production, which reduces inflammation throughout your canineโ€™s body.

Minerals and vitamins

Most canine owners would have heard of free radicals, the damage they cause to the canineโ€™s cells and how it increases the occurrence of diseases. When your canine is under stress or sick, the production of free radicals will increase significantly. Antioxidants such as zinc, selenium, vitamins E, C, and A protect your canineโ€™s body from free radicals. You can feed your canine fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and raw nuts as they are rich in antioxidants.Besides feeding your canine a diet with nutrients to improve and preserve its immunity, you also need to maintain your canineโ€™s physical condition and weight. Excess fat will make the immune system weak, which makes it all the more important to burn excess fat. If you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to leave a comment below. 

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