Wet vs. Dry Foods โ€“ What's Better For Your Pet?


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You have to decide on a pet food, but are not sure what to choose โ€“ the turkey or the tuna? The beef or the lamb? The dry or the wet? It can be confusing, but in reality, it is not all that complicated. Most people decide on the pet food based on their previous experience. Some of them follow the advice of their friends, breeder or vet. This is not counting the influence of the magazine and television advertisements, all of which boast the highest quality. So, which one do you choose?

The advantages of wet foods

Most dogs consume less than their daily water requirement.

Wet foods are a great hydration source

if your pet is reluctant to consume the necessary amount of water. There are a few other health considerations that make them a practical choice. Some senior dogs lose the power of their olfactory sense as they age. They will be more inclined to eat food with a richer flavor and scent, which is the case with most wet foods. They are also a great alternative if your pet is ill and cannot smell that well, or if he has a low appetite. This way, you can ensure that they get the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that they need to maintain their health. If your dog has missing teeth, badly aligned jaws or a small mouth,

wet food

will make it easier for him to eat food.

The advantages of dry foods

Dry kibble is the most convenient food, for both feeding and storage. You can leave it out for your pet to eat at his own pace without having to worry about it getting spoiled. A lot of pet owners prefer the convenience of filling their pet's bowl with an entire day's food and not having to worry about feeding their pet on time. In the case of cats, you can fill the bowl to feed them for days while you go for short trips away from your home. They are also extremely easy to store โ€“ all you need is a big plastic bin with an airtight lid. That will keep it safe from rodents and insects. They are also extremely cost-effective if you have multiple pets to feed. They are great as training treats and supplements for dental health. Some of the dry foods are

formulated to clean the teeth

of the animals as they chew on it.

Final decision

Both of them are good choices to meet the nutritional requirements of your pet, as long as they have the right balance of nutrients and made using high quality ingredients. It is just a question of what will suit your pet and lifestyle in the long run. You can also choose to mix them both in the same bowl. Talk to your vet if you have any doubts, since there are a lot of considerations for your dog's age and breed.

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