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Westminster Dog Show

is just around the corner, and weโ€™ve got the doggie fever!In just a few short days, over two thousand dogs will be primped, pampered, trimmed, and trained to show off their perfect coats and pedigreed personalities! We know weโ€™ll be watching, wondering which pup will take home this yearโ€™s Best in Show!To get ready for this yearโ€™s show, letโ€™s take a look at some of the most memorable dogs in Westminster history.

The Record SetterWarren-Remedy

Warren Remedy โ€“ Best in Show 1907-1909 โ€“ Fox TerrierDid you know that Terriers are so far the

most likely dogs to win

Best in Show? Theyโ€™ve won nearly half of the awards since itโ€™s creation, and the first dog to ever win Best in Show was a Fox Terrier named Warren Remedy.This good-looking gal went on to win the award for the next two years as well, and she was immortalized in the Ken-L Ration award trophy, a trophy given to owners of winning dogs! Sheโ€™s still the only dog to win three times.

Little LadyLaund-Loyalty

Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven โ€“ Best in Show 1929 โ€“ Rough CollieWhen she was only nine months old, this lovely lady became the youngest dog to win Best in Show, in 1929. She still holds that distinction today!

Fundraising ChampDiamond-Jim

James (or Felicityโ€™s Diamond Jim) โ€“ Best in Show 2007 โ€“ English Springer SpanielDonโ€™t you just love these long dog names? It makes us want to start picking long and distinguished names for our own dogs!But even when named for a precious gem, this tousled-haired-beauty of a Spaniel proved that no oneโ€™s too high and mighty to help others. James was a pet therapy dog before winning the show, and went back to work afterward as well. He raised nearly $15,000 for the

Alzheimerโ€™s Association

through memory walks!

Doggie AmbassadorUno-Westminster-Winner

Uno (or K-Runโ€™s Park Me in First) โ€“ Best in Show 2008 โ€“ BeagleAnother canine therapy worker, Uno has made appearances at the White House, art gallery openings, fundraisers, and the Macyโ€™s Thanksgiving Day Parade. His canine therapy tour, Beagle Across America, is now complete, and he spends his days sleeping in his momโ€™s bed and being a house dog.

Mature and DistinguishedStump-Westminster-Winner

Stump (or Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee) โ€“ Best in Show 2009 โ€“ Sussex SpanielStump was not only the first in his breed to win Best in Show, at 10 years old, he is also the oldest dog to win the title. Heโ€™s enjoying his retirement in Texas, and is buddies with 2001 winner, J.R. the Bichon Frise.

Hot MamaSadie-Westminster-Dog

Sadie (or Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot) โ€“ Best in Show 2010 โ€“ Scottish TerrierThis pretty pup was nicknamed the โ€œHottie Scottieโ€ by the New York Post! After her win, she visited the Empire State Building and New York Stock Exchange before going home to become a mama.

Fearless and FabulousHickory-Wind

Hickory (or Foxcliffe Hickory Wind) โ€“ Best in Show 2011 โ€“ Scottish DeerhoundHickory was the first dog of her breed to win Best in Show, but she doesnโ€™t let that stop her tomboyish ways. Sheโ€™s an unstoppable runner on her family farm, loves chasing critters, and has even driven a bear or two into a tree.

Uptown GirlMalachy-Westminster-Dog

Palacegarden Malachy โ€“ Best in Show 2012 โ€“ PekingeseThis aww-dorable Pekingese fit right into a posh lifestyle after her win, dining at Sardiโ€™s in NYC and meeting media champs like Michael Kors and Donald Trump.

Cheering for the Underdog?

It may seem strange, considering how popular Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are, but these two dog breeds have never won Best in Show. Whoโ€™s with us on cheering on these friendly, fluffy dogs?**Photos used with permission of the



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