Prize-Winning Pooch Murdered at Crufts Dog Show

Prize-Winning Pooch Murdered at Crufts Dog Show

Crufts, one of the world's largest dog shows, is usually known for fun canine-related innovations and healthy competitions, but this year the event has been rocked by sadness. Prize-winning Irish Setter Jagger, who was competing at the Birmingham, England,ย event was poisoned and died, according to the BBC.

Jagger poisoned

Several hours after competing and coming in second place, Jagger, also known as Thendara Satisfaction, collapsed and died at the event. Veterinarians examined the body and found early evidence that Jagger consumed beef cubes with poison in the middle prior to the show. The food was likely given to Jagger sometime while he was at Crufts. There are multiple types of poison suspected, including a slug pesticide, the BBC reported.Amy Nettleton, daughter of co-owner Jeremy Bott, explained that althoughย Jaggerย has been valued at about $75,000, he was invaluable to the family, who frequently used him as a therapy dog volunteering with others.Bott, his wife, Dee Milligan-Bott, and co-ownerย Aleksandra Lauwers, all expressed their sadness to the BBC. They lamented the loss of their beloved pooch, who Lauwers called a "family member" and best friend to his son, while Milligan-Bott explained that she doesn't expect foul play from other competitors and is shocked."I don't believe in my heart of hearts that this was another competitor or anyone involved in the dog world," she told the BBC.ย "I can only imagine that it was a random act that somebody premeditated and wanted to cause total distress at the best dog show in the world.ย It's not unknown for people to do things like this ...ย He was a typical Irish Setter, totally trustworthy and so loved. We are devastated."

Common types of dog poisonย 

While you may not have a competition-ready purebred, your pooch can still be at risk for ingesting poison. The Pet Poison Helpline compiled

a list of some of the most commonly reported ways that dogs are poisoned

. Knowing these dog poison dangers, you can help protect your pooch from an unfortunate incident that could lead to serious pain, an expensive veterinary visit, or even death.Here are a few of the most commonly reported poisoning causes to look out for.

  • Medicine - Pet and human drugs make up five of the topย 10 most reported causes of canine poisoning.ย Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugsย are the highest ranked medication, but other over-the-counter medications like acetaminophen also present significant risk. Prescription human amphetamine and anxiety medication are also common causes, while canine pain relivers are the most prevalent pet medications that have been poisonous. The frequency of poisoning incidents involving these drugs underscores the importance of keeping all of your drugs - human and canine - in a safe place that your pooch can't access.
  • Pesticides - Insecticides and rodenticides are among the most dangerous substances to dogs that you may have in your home. These substances are designed to kill animals, so you don't want your pooch consuming any of it. Keep your supplies of these poisons secure and be aware of your dog when placing traps.
  • House and garden supplies - Items commonly stored in the garage or basement can be dangerous to dogs too. Fertilizers, antifreeze, and cleaning supplies can all be dangerous when consumed. Talk to your veterinarian about pet-safe alternatives and secure any dangerous suppliesย so that your dog can't get to them no matter how curious they get.
  • Food - You should know which foods dogs aren't able to eat, likeย chocolate. Poisonous human foods are the No. 1 cause of reported canine poisonings, according to the Pet Poison Helpline. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals compiled a list of the dangerous human foods that dogs shouldn't eat.

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