Welcome to Train Your Dog Month



January is

National Train Your Dog Month

!We know what you're thinking -- you've already got quite a bit on your plate as 2013 gets going, but wow, it would be nice to have a better trained dog.That's where we come in! Check back all month for more tips and tricks for training your dog. With just a little extra time, we bet you can get pretty far in teaching your dog some new tricks -- and have fun along the way.

Get Started Right

Even the most rambunctious dogs will respond when you put a few key tricks into practice.ย The professional trainers atย 


ย (Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities) โ€” who train service dogs for veterans in need โ€” have shared some of their expertise.Learn the

Top 10 Dog Training Tips

to ensure a productive training session, and a learning pup!

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