Weaning kittens

Weaning kittens

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Weaning means transitioning your kitten from its mother's milk to solid food. This is a vital component of a cat's development. It must be done at the correct time and in the correct way. In standard circumstances, the mother cat, or queen will handle the weaning by her own. Complications arise when the queen suffers trouble in the production of milk. Weaning is also done when a litter of kittens suddenly get orphaned. If you see a kitty without its mother, then it is time to step in.

Importance of colostrum

All kittens should be exposed to their mother's milk, especially during the initial 24 hours of its life. The colostrum, or first milk, has a number of antibodies which only the kitten can take advantage of. This is true even if the queen has a huge critter and not able to generate sufficient milk for all of her babies. The kitten should get a little of the colostrum. Any colostrum is better than nothing at all. If the mother is unable to generate any milk due to issues like mastitis, another cat may accept the kittens if the size of the kittens is nearer to her own.

Substitute formula

In case nursing cats are not available, it is possible to give a kitten a milk substitute formula with a syringe or a nursing bottle. If there is an emergency, veterinarians recommend that you mix a cup containing whole milk, egg yolk, liquid multi-vitamin drop, and three tums into a blender. This is, however, strictly a temporary measure. The objective is that the kittens must get nutrition. It is essential for you to give the kittens switching to the formula as quickly as possible. The kittens should be fed out of the bottle for a total of about four weeks. It is essential that you always warm that bottle in hot water cup. Before you give the concoction to your dog, pour a little for yourself, and take the rest. You must always check whether the temperature of the bottle is correct or not. In case you are presently using a powder formula, it is possible to store unmarked powder inside the freezer. Feed the kitten frequently and slowly. Even if you fall asleep, the kittens will wake you up.

The weaning period for kittens starts at approximately four weeks after giving birth. If the kitten is an orphan, you can begin before, between three and four weeks of age. The kittens are thought to be ready if it chews. The time between the fourth weeks and the sixth weeks transition the kitten into ordering dry food, and the arrangement can be supplemented with all the formulas present in these disagree.

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