VIRAL: See Jumpy - the Smartest, Most Athletic Dog EVER!

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VIRAL: See Jumpy - the Smartest, Most Athletic Dog EVER!

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Dogs can certainly surprise us with what they are capable of, but this dog takes the cake.His name is Jumpy, he is an

Australian Cattle dog

, and he is hands down the most well trained dog you will ever see. Not wanting to give too much away, lets just say that Jumpy's skills are sure to amaze.(A hint: at one point he does a



and that is just scratching the surface!)RELATED STORY: Teaching Your Dog Basic CommandsThanks to his trainer, Omar Muller

, Jumpy has become one of the world's most obedient, athletic, and all around incredible animals. Watch this video and get ready to have your whole world flipped upside down!Seriously, you


to see this amazing dog.

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