US Soldier Gets Dog Back After Sold on Craigslist by Ex




While serving his country in Afghanistan, US soldier Robert Gabbert left his ex-girlfriend in charge of his dog, Baxter. However, instead of taking care of the adorable Shiba Inu, she sold him to another family on Craigslist.Thatโ€™s right --ย 

she sold a deployed soldierโ€™s dog on Craigslist.RELATED STORY:ย How to Adopt a Dog or Cat: Every Question Answered


And, as if that wasn't enough, when the family that responded to the Craigslist ad was told about the underhanded circumstance surrounding the transaction, they resisted giving back the dog. To their defense, the people that adopted Baxter have two

young children that quickly formed a bond with the dog. Very quickly, in fact, having only had the dog one week.While it is sad that the children have to part with their new pal, the fact remains that the dog's rightful owner did not want to sell his dog on Craigslist. Imagine if a babysitter put a child under their care up for adoption -- the fact that the adoptive family got attached to the new baby isn't grounds for them keeping it.Thankfully for Robert, multiple news outlets and a large internet presence agreed.



After the news went viral, a dedicated support group was formed, their sole purpose to ensure that Baxter

find his way back

to his rightful owner. Nancy Wallace, a member of the support group, told ABC News โ€œWe are not going to stop until we have the dog in our hands.โ€And it worked! Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Robertโ€™s support group, along with the assistance of

The Colorado Shiba Inu Rescue

, the adoptive family has agreed to give back Baxter. In return for their cooperation, the family received considerable monetary compensation and the assistance of the shelter to help find them a similar dog.Now when Robert finally does make it home from Afghanistan, he will be greeted by EVERY member of his family.

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