Understanding Dog Food Allergies

Understanding Dog Food Allergies

If your dog is

itching and scratching

all the time, there is a 1 in 5 chance* that the cause is dietary. Thatโ€™s right -- just like people, dogs can develop sensitivities to certain kinds of food. However, unlike in people, dogs are unable to tell us when something is bothering them. It is not much of a stretch to think that your pet could be suffering fromย mild dog food allergiesย without you ever knowing it.And for that very reason,

Sergio Canello



have been taking the pet food industry by swarm, providing a healthy, hypoallergenic product that dogs everywhere can eat without the risk of having a bad reaction.

Sergio and his award winning hypoallergenic foods

For most dogs, the source of their dog food allergies is derived from a single ingredient in their food. Often it is the meat, which has been intensively farmed -- allergic to either beef, lamb, duck, chicken, or whatever is the source of protein in their food.

What is a Dog Food Allergy?

A food sensitivity generally presents in one of two ways: the dog food allergies may cause an inflammation (swelling, redness, itching), or it can cause an increase in secretions and excretions (vomiting, diarrhea, or

discharge in the eyes

, ears, or nose). For some dogs and cats, these reactions can become quite severe, often life threatening. However, more often pets develop aย slight food allergy -- one that is simply flying under the radar, quietlyย making theirย life a little less pleasant.And, because your dog can't sayย "this food makes me itchy," mildย dogย food allergies often go untreated for years.ย There is much of pet behavior that pet parents often chalk up to being โ€œa dog thingโ€ or โ€œa cat thing,โ€ (like constant scratching) when in truth, it could be their way of reacting to the discomfort caused by something in their food or environment.If you are thinking of making the switch to hypoallergenic foods, Forza10 offers a comprehensive line of allergen-free dog food. The Forza10 diet not only promises to improve your dogโ€™s health by eliminating the ingredients that triggered their intolerance, but it also has foods specially tailored to improve their health in a number of different ways.

forza-dermoForza10 Dermo Active

- This food is perfect for any dog with a skin condition. Everything from dermatitis to lick granuloma can be improved thanks to this foodโ€™s blend of fish oils, aloe vera, burdock, mallow, and rosemary. 

forza-oral Forza10 Oral Active

- One of the primary health concerns for any pet is their dental care -- responsible for up to 75% of veterinary diagnoses. Nip this common problem in the bud with this special tooth booster.

forza-activeForza10 Intestinal Active

- Intestinal problems can often put your dog out of commission for a while. To help keep their GI tract moving smoothly, this food has everything theyโ€™ll need.   

forza-otoForza10 Oto Active

- Dogs and cats rely on their ears for everything. So if their ears are infected or unhealthy, the impact can be far reaching. To prevent any excess damage done to their ears, try this healthy blend.   

forza-depuraForza10 Depura

- And for everything else, there is this. Forza10โ€™s all purpose, every-dog food. Great for pups of all kinds.   If you think your dog might be itchy, uncomfortable, or seems generally low energy, talk to your veterinarian about dog food allergies and switching to a Forza10 diet.

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