Two Dogs Take Their Owner's Truck for One "Expensive" Joyride


A couple of pooches were taking, "If pets had thumbs day," just a


too when seriously last week when they took their owner's pickup truck for a rush hour joyride just outside Tulsa, Oklahoma.Luna and Rosco, a

Yellow Lab


Border Collie

, accidentally put the truck into gear and cruised three blocks down a four-lane highway along the Arkansas River. According the authorities, the out of control vehicle narrowly missed joggers and oncoming traffic as it barreled down a hill before crashing into the river bed.

Jill Roberson, a spokeswoman forย theย Tulsa Police Department, reported that first responders were shocked to find no driver in the front seat, but the two pups instead.

Luckily, no one was injured throughout the whole ordeal, the truck, however, was another story.

Owner Scott says, โ€œIt was an expensive joyride."

What would your pet do if they had thumbs?

Would they take the car out for a joyride? Or simply open their own canned food?! Tell us in the comments below!

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