Train your Small Dog with these 5 Tips

Train your Small Dog with these 5 Tips

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Just like a large breed canine, training your small dog is extremely important. However, it is a challenging process, as you tend to forgive the canine for most of its errors, due to its small size. If you donโ€™t train your small dog, it will suffer from behavioral problems in the future. Here are five tips which will transform your petit dog into a good canine citizen:

Always train at the canineโ€™s level

As your small dog is still learning your body language, you should avoid standing up and training the canine, as it looks intimidating. Also, due to the canineโ€™s size, your back will become sore after a while.Instead, you should go down to the level of your canine, to make the training sessions easy for both parties. You can also place the canine on high ground so that it is at your level. Once your dog is comfortable with the training, you can start standing up, while your canine is on the floor.

Start with the basic commands

You should start with basic commands such as stay, sit, and down, as they teach your canine how to behave inside and outside your house. Also, you can use these commands to keep your dog safe from various elements. For example, if your dog is trying to cross a busy street, you can ask it to stay, preventing it from putting its life in danger. Over time, you can move to the harder commands as your canine is comfortable with the basics.

Keep distractions as minimal as possible

Have you ever been able to study properly or focus, in an environment which has numerous distractions? The same applies to your small dog, as even the smallest things can be distracting. Start training your canine in a quiet room, to minimize distractions. After the dog is comfortable with your commands, you can move to busier environments, to see the strength of your training.

Remain as persistent as possible

The saying practice makes perfect is appropriate when it comes to training a small dog. It is quite common for dog owners to give up after their canines exhibit the wrong behavior. Rather than giving up, you should continue with the training process, so that it picks up important skills over time.

Positive reinforcement is the way

Instead of resorting to punishment, you should practice positive reinforcement, as it is the best way to train your small canine. For example, you can give your canine a treat for listening to your command. If you donโ€™t want to get your canine used to treats, then you can also praise it verbally, while patting on its back.These are the five tips which will help you train your small dog. Do you have any questions on this topic? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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