Why Were Dogs Who Guarded Prince William Put Down Last Week?



Photo from Daily Mail

Two UK Royal Air Force dogs were put down last week, after serving as guard dogs for Prince William, who has just left his role as a search and rescue pilot in North Wales.An RAF

source told Daily Mail

, "To be clear they were RAF Valley security patrol dogs, not sole protection for Prince William. The timing of their sad demise is purely coincidental. These dogs had played an invaluable role offering security to our personnel over many years and were much loved by their handlers."

When a Dog Can't Be Sent to a Home

The two dogs were Brus, a Belgian Shepherd (pictured above), and Blade, a German Shepherd. The Ministry of Defense has said that their policy is to re-home all military dogs after their service whenever possible, and that putting a dog down is only ever a last resort. Brus and Blade were said to have a history of veterinary and behavioral issues, and would have been too aggressive to be kept in a home.

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