Top 5 Ways to FInd a Lost Pet

Top 5 Ways to FInd a Lost Pet

 One of the best ways to increase your chances of finding a lost pet these days is to have had the foresight to get your pet


so that in the case your pet is found, their address can be traced back to yours.Of course a good collar with a sturdy and clear ID tag can do the same thing, as long as your address and phone number are visible and your pet doesn't lose their collar.If you want to get more immediate knowledge of your petโ€™s location, collar clip-ons likeย 


ย andย 

Pocket Finder

ย stream GPS information on your pet to your laptop or phone.But letโ€™s say your pet is lost out there, microchipped or not, and you want to take action to bring your pet home. Here are some tips in finding a lost pet.

Here are our best ways to help finding a lost pet.

1. Search nearby.

Your first step is to fan out with friends and family in the area where your pet was last seen with treats and your petโ€™s favorite squeaky toys. You can also leave clothing or a pillow that has your scent on it outside your house.

2. Distribute a flyer.

Create a flyer with your petโ€™s photo, name, and your phone number. Distribute the flyer to your neighbors, plus local businesses, vets, shelters, and rescue organizations. Post flyers wherever you can in a one-mile radius.

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3. Visit your local shelters.

Call local vets and visit local shelters in person every one to two days.To avoid the chance your pet could be euthanized if brought to a shelter, be vigilant about visiting the shelter in person in case your pet was found and the shelter staff on duty at the time isnโ€™t aware of your case.

4. Use social media.

You can start a Facebook page for your lost pet and spread the word quickly by sharing with all your friends, like this

family who lost their dog, Harley

.You can also search for a local Facebook page that specializes in lost pets, like


, and post your petโ€™s photo there.

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5.ย  Register your pet as lost.

Look online for places to registerย your pet as lost. Whether your pet is microchipped or not, you can addย your petย toย some lost pet registries. Some options are:

Pet KeyPet Amber AlertFido FinderThe Center for Lost Pets

You can also place an ad on Craigslist with a photo of your pet and details on where they were last seen, and how to return the pet to you.

Have you ever recovered in finding a lost pet? Let us know how in the comments, and consider signing upforย PetPlus, a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, vet visits, boarding, and more.
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