Top 5 Books About Dogs

Top 5 Books About Dogs

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Dogs have been domesticated by man for thousands of years. They have entertained us, rescued us, and become our best friends. It is hardly surprising that so much has been made of this special relationship between man and dog. In fact, some truly incredible stories have been written about dogs that are worth checking out. In particular, be sure to check these top 5 books about dogs.

White Fang and the Call of the Wild

These two books on dogs are counted among the best that have ever been written on dogs. In White Fang, the author Jack London talks about the domestication of a wild dog while The Call of the Wild is about a dog who comes to terms with life in the wilderness. Both these books are narrated from the viewpoint of the dog and will inspire readers to go searching for the exciting Arctic landscapes so eloquently described in these excellent books.

Rin Tin Tin: The Life and the Legend

You may argue that there are numerous books on dogs that have been written about well-known historical dogs, but this book, written by Susan Orlean, is truly exceptional. It describes a German Shepherd who was born on World War I battlefields. He then comes to America and conquers Hollywood. After overcoming the transition to talking movies, Rin Tin Tin transforms himself to become one of the most family-friendly canines we have ever known.

Old Yeller

This well-known book on dogs inspired the 1957 movie by the same name. It describes life in Texas in the 1860s and includes all kinds of characters, including snakes and wolves, as well as bobcats and wild hogs. Old Yeller, the faithful companion of Travis, helps protect Travis and his family against various threats.

The Lost History of the Canine Race

Dogs have been a very central part of our civilization. In this book, Mary Elizabeth Thurston, an anthropologist cum author, writes about the need to treat dogs with proper respect. The book deals with the history of dogs from the time they were first domesticated. Along the way, the book describes mummified dogs in Egypt and show dogs of the Renaissance era. All in all, this book aptly and vividly describes the evolution of dogs and the special relationship they have with humans.

The Chet and Bernie Series

Written by Spencer Quinn, this is the story of a dog named Chet who, besides being an excellent sleuth, has a very special relationship with his human partner, Bernie Little. Subtly humorous, this book makes you laugh at Chet, when from time to time, he misunderstands certain words and scenarios. It is an action-packed, adventure-filled, and intriguing book punctuated with liberal doses of cheeriness and mystery.

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