Helping Your Dog Beat the Chill Winter With Warm Food

Helping Your Dog Beat the Chill Winter With Warm Food

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Don't you just love treating yourself to a cup of hot tea or some soup when winter comes knocking on the door? Well, it's not just you, even dogs can find comfort in warm food during the cold season. Let's take a look at how you can help your pet stay warm this winter with the right food.

Is warm food good for your dog?

According to pet specialists, dogs digest their food similarly to how humans do. According to pet experts, it can be inferred from this that dogs can also benefit the same benefits as humans do when they consume warm food. When any food is consumed, the body brings its temperature to the internal temperature before it is ready to be digested. Simply put, that means the body can directly move to the digestion process of the food is already in a warm state while it is consumed. This means lesser energy is expended in the process.So how does warm food affect dogs? Of course, you should know that there is more to warm food than the instant source of comfort that you get when it goes down the throat. Warm foods can help enhance the circulation of blood. Usually, the blood stays concentrated mainly around the trunk of the body in order the keep the internal organs warm, when it is under cold conditions. When warm food is consumed, the blood is no longer concentrated in just the trunk of the body, and is allowed to flow to the ends of the body. It, in turn, helps stay warmer.

How to incorporate warm food into your dog's diet?

Just heat up the usual food that you give your dog

kibble or canned food

with warm water. In case you use freeze dried dog food, mix it with some warm food, before you feed your dog. Just make sure that your pet does not have frozen food during winter. Be sure to refill your dog's bowl with water often. Your dog needs to have a sufficient intake of fluids during winter. You can also get heated bowls from your pet store to make sure that your dog has warm water when it gets thirsty.If your dog's appetite is not so great during the cold season, then warm food might help. Warm foods naturally give out aromatic vapors that instantly kick up the appetite. Of course, if your dog is the outdoorsy active type, then you want to make sure that it also gets the adequate amount of calories in its diet so it can stay warm. If your dog is not very active during the cold season then you want to stick to low-calorie treats.

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