Top 3 Books About Cats


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Cats are incredible creatures and wonderful pets. So it's natural that you'd want to learn more about them. Cats are inquisitive creatures. They're always on the lookout for new information, and once they find it, they get fixated. They have many lovable quirks. While they may seem odd at times, they can be understood, and the journey to that understanding isn't a long one. The best way to understand your cat is to spend more time with them. As the bond between parent and pet grows, you'll find it easier to sing to her tune.

Understanding your kitty is especially crucial if you're a first-time parent. While this can be overwhelming, there are a few books you could read that can help you along the way. When it comes down to picking a specific book, you may find yourself in a tight spot because of the number of books about pet behavior and pet care that you'll find on the market. So we narrowed it down for you. Here are a few helpful books that will help you navigate your life as a new cat parent.

1. The Domestic Cat: The Biology of Its Behavior

Although this book may seem a little scientific, it talks about all the latest research about cats while also disproving age-old misconceptions about these lovely creatures. Youโ€™ll find collections of articles about veterinary science, the biology of cats, their innate predatory nature, their social life, and their general behavior. If youโ€™re curious about what science has to say about the behavior of your cat, then this book should be at the very top of your list.

2. The ASPCA Complete Guide to Cats

Learning the very basics about cat behavior and care is something you'll need to do if you're planning to be a cat parent. You'll need to know what it is that keeps them happy as well as feeling safe and cared for. James R. Richards gives you everything you'll need to know while going into taking care of a cat, and then some. This book covers topics such as feline behavior, grooming, vet care, litter box training, health, nutrition, and many more. It even has a section on popular feline breeds and their behavioral patterns. It's a good place to start when it comes to an understanding your kitty.

3. Think Like a Cat: How to Raise a Well-Adjusted Cat โ€“ Not a Sour Puss

Written by Pam Johnson-Bennett, this book offers you important insights into your catโ€™s behavior. This book covers a variety of topics that will enable you to make sure that at the end of the day, youโ€™ll have a content, well-behaved, and sweet cat. It also talks about how you can ensure that your cat grows up in the right environment, cat training, behavior modification, care for an elder cat, and more. Other books you could refer to include Catify to Satisfy: Simple Solutions for Creating a Cat-Friendly Home, and The Cat Ownerโ€™s Home Veterinary Handbook.

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