Check Out the Biggest Hairball You've Ever Seen


Think your cat has


problems? Be glad you don't have a tiger.When 17-year-old tiger Ty stopped eating, his keepers at

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

*ย knew something was wrong. But everyone was surprised to find out that the cause was not just any hairball, but a

4-pound monster of a hairball

. The obstruction had to be removed by surgery.ย โ€œIโ€™m just extremely thankful for the help Dr. Woodman, Dr. Reems and the staff at BluePearl provided,โ€ said Vernon Yates, the founder of Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.

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A Hairy Problem

Hairballs form when cats groom themselves and ingest a bit of hair at a time. Usually, this hair passes through their digestive system or gets coughed up. Sometimes, though, a hairball can get too big or too stuck, and medical attention will be needed. Find out the

symptoms of hairballs in cats

.*What's a tiger doing getting rescued in Florida, you ask?ย Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation is a non-profit organization that helps Florida law enforcement with animals that have been seized, so Ty may have been an illegal pet.

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