Tips To Crate Train Your Dog

Tips To Crate Train Your Dog

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Puppies have a habit of biting and chewing off things when left to themselves. That is why crates were built. Crate training should begin early and should be taught along with other things like eating, doing potty and playing. Crate training makes a puppy realize that there are things that he can and cannot do. It creates boundaries and will help you keep the house clean and organized.

Tip #1 Do it casually

Donโ€™t make your puppy feel that crate training is being imposed upon him because he has been up to some mischief. Like kids, puppies should be trained in a casual way. Donโ€™t shout or scold them for not learning it properly. Have patience and everything will fall into place. Teach your dog that crate training is part of a game and soon youโ€™ll see how well he learns.

Tip #2 Treat them for learning correctly

Treats always work when your teaching your dog new habits. Keep them ready and award them every time they do it properly. Dogs learn best when they are awarded for doing a good job. Treat your dog often and heโ€™ll learn how to use a crate in no time.

Tip #3 Make the crate a fun place

Most owners donโ€™t realize that dogs donโ€™t like crates because itโ€™s not a fun place to be in. They rather stay on the floor than be in the crate. Making the crate a fun place will make your dog use it even when youโ€™re not teaching him anything. Decorate it with lots of color and keep toys and other stuff which your dog likes playing with.

Tip #4 Create specific times

Donโ€™t make your dog feel like heโ€™s going to spend the rest of his dog years inside a crate. Create strict timings and stick to them no matter what. On weekends when you are around, reduce the crate time so that he can be with you for a longer period of time. Creating specific times will also help your dog adjust to the new routine with ease.

Tip #5 Keep the crate in a specific place

Unlike us, animals often get confused when minor changes are made around the house. Donโ€™t relocate the crate frequently. In fact, keep it in one single place and teach your dog to go that specific place during crate hours.


Crate training should be learned by every dog and it is the ownerโ€™s duty to make sure his/her dog learns it in the proper way. Keep a specific timing and use treats to teach them the importance of crates. Keep the crate in a specific place and donโ€™t force it on them. Do it casually and soon your dog will become better behaved.

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