Getting Through The First Six Months With A New Dog

Getting Through The First Six Months With A New Dog

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As the saying goes, โ€˜A dog is a manโ€™s best friendโ€™. But chances are that if you have brought home a rambunctious dog, you are more likely to ask yourself, โ€œWhat have I done to deserve this?โ€ The first six months with a new dog in the house is a crucial time to build the foundation of a healthy, joyful and rewarding relationship with your pet. It is imperative that during this time, you establish control and guide the dog towards a desired behaviour while making him feel safe and providing a loving home.

Acclimatizing the dog

Dogs are mostly excited and often anxious on their first day at a new home. It is a good idea to start establishing a routine immediately for the best results. Encourage your dog to look around your house and show him the place to relieve himself. Reward him with kind words when he relieves himself at the designated spot. Keep the dog on a leash while taking him around the house and disrupt any unwanted behaviour by yanking the leash once.

Asserting leadership through housetraining

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to coach your dog to obey your commands. Here are some tips to housetrain your canine-

  • Crate train- Crates are safe spaces to confine dogs when you canโ€™t watch him. Dogs dislike untidy sleeping areas and will learn to behave by lying down or moving inside the crate.
  • Food train- Provide treats to the dog to encourage good behaviour.
  • Maintain a pooping routine โ€“ Take them out for a walk the first thing in the morning, about an hour after they eat, before their supposed betime, and any other time when he seems restless.
  • Train without punishments โ€“ Hitting the dog or throwing things at him will only make him more aggressive. Instead you should make loud sounds to alert him of any unacceptable behaviour and praise him when he follows commands.
Regularity of meals and bedtime

You must establish a feeding and sleeping schedule for a new dog. Dry food, fresh vegetables, frozen beans are healthy treats which can be given to the dog after giving it a command, such as, โ€œsitโ€.

Dealing with behavioural problems

During the first six months, dogs often resort to disruptive behaviour that includes chewing, biting, jumping etc. Ensure that you find the trigger for such behaviour and give the dog enough exercise to tire it out.You can raise a happy dog by being consistent in your training and getting the dog accustomed to a routine. Make sure that you provide enough positive reinforcements, include the dog in family activities and be patient with your pet.

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