The Real Reason Why Dogs Drool


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Drooling is normal to a certain extent among dogs of all breeds. It is a natural process for their body to cool down, and also helps in eating and digesting the food they consume. Breeds like Saint Bernards, Bloodhounds, Boxers and Mastiffs especially drool more than other dogs because they have a loose upper lip or โ€˜flewsโ€™.But drooling way more than usual or โ€˜hypersalivationโ€™ could indicate other health problems in dogs. So if your dog drools way too much, it is possible that he/she is suffering from the following.

Mouth infections and dental issues

Tartar buildup inside your dogโ€™s mouth is a possible reason for excessive drooling. If you suspect this, pull the lip back towards the ear and check for any signs of swelling, bleeding, redness in the gums and staining of teeth. If so, go for professional cleaning and remember to brush every day. You could also visit a vet to check for any other mouth diseases like gingivitis, ulcers, in-growths or crooked teeth.It is also advisable to check the mouth for any traces of foreign object that could cause infections like splinters, shards of glass or bones, or plants.


Dogs get overheated easily especially in hot weather, as they have a thick coat of fur covering them. Excessive drooling accompanied by sluggishness and unresponsiveness is usually a sign of heatstroke. Short-nosed breeds like pugs and bulldogs are more susceptible to a heatstroke because they do not pant as much as other dogs do.Since a heatstroke can be fatal for your dog, it is vital to visit the vet as soon as possible. To prevent a heat stroke, always make sure that you have made an adequate amount of water available for your dog, do not let him outside or play around for too long in the summer, and never ever leave him alone in a parked car.

Anxiety/ Car-sickness

Dogs are easily anxious and get motion sickness during car rides. Open mouth panting, heavy breathing and excessive drooling are signs that your dog is not used to riding in cars.To prevent this, you could make them use canine seat belts and take them for short drives for them to get used to riding. Do your best to make your pet dog feel safe and comfortable during car rides. Ginger pills, available for purchase at healthย foodย stores and pharmacies, could also help. If the motion sickness persists even after taking all these precautions, it is possible that your dog will need to be prescribed medication. So pay a visit to the vet to come up with a solution.

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