The Nocturnal habits Of your Cat


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Cats sleep for quite long hours. However, when they are not sleeping, they can be extremely active. These active periods mostly occur during the night. In case your cat tries to wake you up when you have already gone to bed, it means that it wants to play or eat. Or he may just want to enjoy your company. So if your cat is young, this activity could deprive you of your sleep.This nocturnal behavior is understandable as the African wildcat is the modern cat's ancestor. The former is predominantly nocturnal. Domestication has moved the activity pattern of the cat to be diurnal. However, a majority of cats continue to wake up a minimum of two times during the course of the night. One good news for you is that they can be learned to let the owners sleep in complete peace.

Find out whether medical problems keeps your cat awake

In case the cat wanders around the house in a restless condition crying or meowing, it could be suffering. This could well turn out to be a medical problem causing discomfort or pain. If you believe this is the case, take the cat to the vet for ruling out any kind of medical issues. You can be sure of a medical problem if the animal meows excessively both during night and day.

No disturbance

If you want to prevent the cat from disturbing you at the time when you want to sleep, you can try a few suggestions like scheduling few play sessions with the cat in the evening. Buy toys which can replicate mice and birds' movement. You can place toys which wiggle and dangle. If your cat like to fetch, start games like ping pong balls, furry mice toys and soft balls. You should continue to play until the cat becomes tired.You can feed the cat a good meal a little before bedtime. Cats usually sleep off post heavy meals. In case your cat continues to disturb you during the night, it may be hungry and it was asking for food. Buy a timed feeder. If the cat is hungry, it could learn to wait by feeder and not bother you while you slept. Do reduce the size of the meal so that no weight is gained by the cat. You should also include a number of enrichment activities. This will keep the cat busy during day time. An active cat during day times means it will sleep during the night.In case your cat is friendly with other cats, do consider getting a second cat. In case the two cats are compatible, they will play with one another during he night and not disturb you at all. Do understand that the romping cats could make a good amount of noise.

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