The Most Pet-Friendly States in The US. That You Should Know About


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Relocating to a new state just because itโ€™s more pet-friendly than yours is a little impractical. But knowing which states welcome pets with open arms are useful. Maybe you want to visit your family in another state, itโ€™s good to know whether your pet will be welcome to come with you or whether he is better off staying at home, with a pet sitter. Here are 5 of the most pet-friendly states in the United States.

  1. MaineAlso known through the sates as vacation-land, Maine is a state that will truly make your pets feel like theyโ€™re on vacation. Maine doesnโ€™t have even a single breed restriction, has 76 dog-friendly beaches, dog parks, hiking trails, and almost 1000 hotels which are pet-friendly. The only thing that needs a little more improvement is the number of no-kill shelters across the state. 70% of the dog shelters have to euthanize their dogs due to an overcrowding problem.
  2. VirginiaNot only is Virginia just for lovers, but it is also a welcome place for all animal lovers. There are around 371 restaurants and business in Virginia which are dog-friendly. That means that youโ€™ll literally never have to be without your dog. You can go have lunch together, go on meetings together, and even run errands together. You will have no trouble finding a vet either since approximately 2500 vets practice in the state of Virginia.
  3. ArizonaArizona is already a very outdoorsy state. What could possibly add more adventure to an outdoorsy state โ€“ animals of course! This place is amazing for all pet lovers thanks to its mild weather, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. There are 629 businesses that are pet-friendly, hundreds of pet-friendly hiking trails, and more than 900 hotels which are pet-friendly. People are very accommodating of animals in the state of Arizona.
  4. OklahomaThe Sooner State does not disappoint as far as pet-friendliness is concerned. It is the fourth most pet-friendly state in the U.S. Its anti-cruelty laws provides pets and other animals with the most rights possible and punishes animal offenders with the strictest of sentences. They show no mercy to people who dare hurt a harmless animal. Oklahoma also has 33 pet-friendly trails and dog parks and 93 restaurants which are pet-friendly. It is a great place to raise your dogs, cats, and other furry friends.
  5. ColoradoThe residents in Colorado and their beloved pets have lots to live for. They have various different adventurous activities like skiing and hiking and over 300 days of fun in the sun. Soak in that vitamin C with your pet. The state has over 1000 pet-friendly hotels and over 200 trails which are pet-friendly. There are around 1900 practicing vets in the state so you will have no problem finding a vet to keep your pet happy.There are other states that are also especially pet-friendly. These states include Oregon, Massachusetts, Kansas, Rhode Island, and Washington.
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