The Hardest Thing About Dog Ownership You Should Know


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Everyone speaks about the benefits of owning a dog but few talks about the drawbacks about owning a canine. Yes, there will be snuggles on the bed, but also be prepared for missing socks and chewed footwear. Your heart will skip a beat when you see your best friend in the hospital. If you are not financially well-off, then treating your dog when it is ill may financially set you back.

Training your dog is hard

Forget what the movies tell you. Most dogs do not sit and run on command. In all probability, you will end up with a puppy who barks and runs here and there. It will also chew anything and everything. Be prepared to show the puppy how to do things many times more than you like. It is hard to teach dogs the rules of human society. Your dog does not speak English or any other human language. It will take a lot of effort to teach dogs on how they should behave inside a human home.

Dogs are similar to children

Your pain will not cease after you train your dog. The animal will continue to surprise you as they frequently make mistakes. It will not be uncommon for you to come home and see an upturned container or a smashed porcelain cup. Dogs have the mentality of a three-year-old child all their lives and they will find something to destroy. It will be impossible for you to do something about it.

Be prepared for being tired all the time

If you love to sleep, prepare to be awake as much as possible. Your dog will be your alarm. It will wake you up in the most unearthly hours so that it can walk or pee or eat. Dogs do not care about the time. They will wake you up when they want to. In short, dog ownership can be extremely tiring. Be prepared for multiple feedings and multiple walks every day. The animal will need frequent bathing, proper grooming and also nail trims. You will need to train your dog and brush its teeth. You will have to run umpteen times to the pet store. All these aspects are of course super fun, and that makes owning a dog an extremely wonderful experience. However, these are all time consuming and tiring as well.Owning a dog is something which one must spend a little time to get used to the accompanying new routine. You will have to wake up a little earlier for work. Expect a minimum of 20 minutes' extra time to get prepared for work in the morning. You cannot escape your dog as it will continuously pester you until you bends down to fulfil its wishes.

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