The Funniest Dog Names and Cutest Cat Names

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How do you find the wackiest, funniest, cutest pet names anyone has ever given their dog or cat? Well,

Veterinary Pet Insurance

has a database of over 500,000 pet names, and decided to browse them all for the 10 most unusual cat and dog names of 2013.I know I'd like to meet Sir Knuckles da Dragon. How about you? Does your pet have a wackier name?   

1. Sir Knuckles da Dragon1. Cheeto Burrito
2. HotRod Whoofington2. Fuzzbutt
3. Captain Underpants3. Mama Pajama
4. Stinky Monkey4. Lady Fluffington
5. Taco Salad5. Nut Job
6. Dallas Cowdog6. Stinky Baby
7. Hunk Heartbreaker7. Doctor Whiskers
8. Ice Bingbing8. Rum Tum Tugger Too
9. Potato Chip9. Fatness
10. Bunny Money Dog10. Pizza Guy
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