How to Keep Your Pet & House Clean at the Same Time


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Owning a pet can sometimes take a toll on your home. Living with a pet means you have to be extra careful of maintaining cleanliness in your house. Afterall, you donโ€™t want your guests to get peeved by stray dog/cat hair, dirty paw marks, and funny smells when they come visiting. You donโ€™t want to have to clean your apartment round the clock either.

Steps To Follow:

The following ways will help you keep your pet as well as house spick and span โ€“

  • Keep Your Pet GroomedGive your pet a regular brushing. You will observe that this decreases occurrences of shedding exponentially. Introduce brushing early in a petโ€™s life so it associates being brushed with pleasure. If possible, brush your pet outside the house. It will keep away excess fur and allergy-causing skin particles. Most pets enjoy being brushed, so this measure should be fairly easy.
  • Bathe Your Pet RegularlyIt is important to give your pet a bath atleast once every month. Unless your pet has been swimming in puddles of mud, this should suffice. Bathing it too often will adversely affect its natural coat of fur, making it dry and lose its shine.
  • Give It a PedicureTrimming your petโ€™s nails will ensure that your furniture is safe from being clawthings for your pet.
  • Invest in Floor Rugs and Door MatsEven if you havenโ€™t trained your dog/cat to rub his feet on the doormat, chances are just his walking over them will catch ample dirt and grime that may be stuck on his paws. Similarly, floor rugs will help keep your floor clean from dirty paw-tracks.
  • Keep a Washcloth by the DoorIn addition to grooming and bathing your pet, it is important to keep its paws clean. Nobody knows what disease causing germs it may carry home. Keeping a wet rag by the entrance of your house will remind you to clean your petโ€™s paws before it enters the house.
  • Tire Your Pet Out Before Leaving it Home AloneIf you are planning to go out leaving your pet behind, it may be a good idea to take it for exercise first. Take your pet for a walk or play with it until you exhaust it. Keep chew toys handy. You donโ€™t want to return to a wrecked apartment just because you forgot to channel your petโ€™s boundless energy.

These are only a handful of ways you can try out to keep your house clean while caring for your pet. Dusting more frequently and keeping cleaning supplies handy go a long way in maintaining a pet parentโ€™s home. A little extra effort in cleaning is far from matching up to the joys of having a furry friend.

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