The Dangers Of Cat Toys


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Kittens love playing with toys and it is a healthy outlet for their developing minds. There are a number of toys on the market that are designed to stimulate your catโ€™s senses and intellect. But just as is the case with children, your cat might like the plastic cap he finds in the cupboard more than the expensive toys you buy for him. You need to be careful about the items you let him play around with. Many of them can be toxic or a choking hazard if your cat swallows them. When buying a cat toy, you need to consider the following:

  • Some of the items that are considered as traditional cat toys are often the most dangerous. Ribbon, string, rubber bands and yarn are fun to play with, but deadly if swallowed. And they are swallowed very easily as cats have rough, porous tongues that make it hard for them to spit out yarn and similar items. These objects tend to travel length-ward through their intestines if swallowed. They can cause their short intestines to scrunch up like an accordion, leading to an intussusception.
  • Fishing pole-style toys are a lot of fun, but you need to ensure that they are placed out of reach when you are not around to supervise your cat.
  • Also, make sure that the toys that you give your kitten are good quality ones. Most of the furry mice that are found in the market have plastic noses and eyes glued onto them. Your kitten could easily chew them off and swallow them. If you buy one of these toys, make sure that you pull off the nose and eyes before you hand it over to your kitten.
  • Kittens like plush toys that they can carry around like pretend prey. They also like large stuffed toys with which they can pretend to fight.
  • Remote controlled toy mice are fun for both you and your kitten, but do not leave devices with batteries inside them, especially if your cat can get the battery out easily.
  • Kittens love playing with paper bags and they love to get all the way inside. So, make sure that the bag is not in a location where somebody can step on it without knowing that there is a kitten inside.
  • Toys and balls must not be small enough for them to be swallowed or inhaled. Ping pong and golf balls are the right weight and size for kittens. Place them in a captive area, like a bathtub to maximize the fun your kitten can get out of them. Or put it in an empty box so that your kitty can fish around for it.
  • Kittens under the age of 6 months do not usually notice catnip. So, wait for them to get older till you introduce catnip.

Easy-to-Make Toys for Cats

If youโ€™re a cat parent, you will agree that cats can entertain themselves with anything. Theyโ€™re extremely curious about their surroundings and will take every opportunity to explore. You adore your cats and spend huge sums of money on their needs, including toys that excite your feline friends. Letโ€™s be honest though, some of these toys can make your pockets lighter. What if you could find a way to keep your cats entertained without having to spend on buying expensive toys from the pet store? Check out these easy-to-make toys that are sure to interest your feline friends without burning holes in your pocket.

Flying feathers

Pick some feathers while on your walks outside and tie the feathers to a string at home. You can make several such pairings to have multiple strings or tie several feathers to one string to make it more exciting for your cats. Run around the house with these flying feathers and watch your cats go crazy trying to catch them. This underrated toy is guaranteed to excite even the laziest of cats into action.

Peek-a-boo cardboard box  

Few things in the world go as well together as cats and boxes. If you have old cardboard boxes from deliveries, you can turn them into toys for your cats. Cut holes of different sizes into the boxes and keep your cats guessing about which of the holes your hand will pop out of. Pop-out a feather or toy through the holes to avoid getting scratched.

They root for jute

Cats love scratch pads because it helps them exercise their instinctive desires to sharpen their claws. If you have old jute items lying around or want to grab some jute strings, you can make your very own scratchpad or pole at home and avoid buying the exorbitantly priced scratch pads. Lining cardboard boxes with jute or wrapping the legs of furniture with jute creates the perfect scratchpad. You can add toilet rolls to make it look more interesting and give them more surfaces to scratch.

Pack a sock  

Cats love toys that allow them to pretend like theyโ€™re hunting prey. While your feline friends may be indoor cats, they havenโ€™t lost their instincts to hunt. Set aside old socks and stuff them with old paper or cloth. You can exercise your creativity by molding the stuffed sock into the shape of prey, mice being the easiest. Once you've created the perfect stuffed mouse, use a string or tie it to a stick and let your cat chase it around the house to catch it. Bring out your inner artist - itโ€™s time to save on cat toys!

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