The Cat Loverโ€™s Guide to Celebrating International Cat Day Make Your Cat Feel Special On This Special Day

The Cat Loverโ€™s Guide to Celebrating International Cat Day

International Cat Day falls on the 8th of August every year. It's the day that all cat lovers look forward to all year. If you're unsure how to celebrate, don't worry; we have some great tips for preparing for this special day.

International Cat Day is a celebration of cats, and it takes place on the 8th of August every year. There are many ways to celebrate the day, including organizing cat events in your neighborhood, adopting a cat from a shelter, or buying some useful pet supplies. You can also prepare for this day by getting acquainted with some basic facts about cats:

Plan a Cat-Themed Party

What better way to celebrate International Cat Day than with a party? Make sure to invite your cat-loving friends and their feline companions. If you don't know any cat owners, don't worry. You can still celebrate the day with some friends who are partial to felines. Hosting an international-themed celebration is always a good idea:

  • Plan a Theme: Themes give your party extra special appeal and definition. For example, you could choose space, garden, or office cats as themes for your event.

  • Have Fun with It: Don't take yourself too seriously. For example, if you're hosting a garden-themed party, consider serving cucumber sandwiches and fresh fruit juice instead of meat pies and wine.

Get Your Cat on Social Media

If you want to get your cat in on the action, you can create a profile for them on social media. You might be surprised at how popular this is becoming. Many platforms allow pet owners to create profiles for their favorite furry friends. For example, Instagram has an entire section dedicated to pets and their owners. You can also create an account specifically for your cat by uploading photos of her face, tail, or anything else she loves. One thing's certain: if you don't already have one, now would be a great time to start posting pictures of your kitty on Instagram.

Donate to a Cat Charity

If you love cats and want to help them, the best thing you can do is donate. So many amazing cat charities are doing great work and helping cats live better lives. Donating may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference for animals who need a helping hand.

When choosing which charity to donate to, consider what causes are important to you and choose accordingly. For example, you might prefer one local charity over another or decide that your money should go toward funding research into feline diseases rather than helping individual animals at risk of being put down. Whatever the reason may be, donating will make all the difference.

Take Your Cat to Work, If Possible

The first step to socializing with your cat is ensuring they feel at home. You can do this by leaving out their favorite Kong toys, food bowls, and cat litter box in the office as long as they're not too loud or smelly.

Make sure you have a safe place to go if they need it. A cardboard box with blankets inside works great. Just be sure to take them on regular walks outside so they don't get bored or anxious from being indoors all day.

Don't forget about the entertainment. Cats love playing with laser pointers, so bring one along from home. However, remember not to use it around anyone else, especially if they're scared of cats. Or maybe bring along an iPad? This way, your feline friend can watch pawesome videos while enjoying their time away from home without any distractions.

Buy Your Pet Some New Toys

International Cat Day is here, and you want to ensure your cat has a blast. The top interactive cat toys are those that stimulate their instincts. Of course, you'll want to get them some new toys, but buying ones that won't hurt them is important. In addition to being fun, cat toys can help keep your feline friend active and healthy by helping to keep their minds engaged. It is especially important if they stay most of the time indoors or don't have access to an outdoor space where they can play outside freely as dogs do.

Consider buying multiple toys if you have more than one cat in your home. It helps them to interact with each other and spend time with each other playing together. Just do not have individualized playtime sessions every day.

Get Out into Nature with Your Cat

Why not take your cat on a walk to celebrate International Cat Day? Cats love to explore their environment; taking a stroll is a great way to get them outside and experience the world around them. If you don't have space in your home or garden, there are plenty of places where you can go with your cat. But ensure that you put on a cat harness and leash if you are new to walking them outside. Many cities have urban green spaces that welcome cats, such as parks and gardens, which often have benches where owners can sit while their pets explore the surroundings.

Many cat cafes allow guests to interact with cats while enjoying food and drink. Perfect if you're looking for somewhere special for International Cat Day.

Pamper Your Cat with a Grooming Care Kit

If you want to pamper your cat even more, why not get them a grooming care kit? The kit will contain everything that you need for the perfect grooming treatment. For example, you can bathe your cat and trim their nails with cat nail clippers, brush their teeth and clean their ears. You can also clip their hair and give them a massage or pedicure.

You should make sure that you use all of these products in moderation so that they do not get sick from using too much cat shampoo on themselves when bathing. Also, be careful with any oils or sprays that are left in the fur because this could cause stomach problems later down the line when eating food again.

Make Your Home Cat Friendly, If Not Yet Done

  • Make sure your cat has a litter box.

  • Make sure your cat has a scratching post.

  • Ensure your cat has a place to hide and play in the house, preferably with toys.

  • Make sure your cat has access to fresh water every day. An automatic cat feeder may also be helpful if you're away from home for longer periods of time during the day.

  • It's also important that cats are fed properly with high-quality food, especially if they're not getting enough exercise outside. It's best to consult with an animal nutritionist if you have specific concerns about your pet's health or how it's being fed at home. They can suggest a balanced science-based diet for your pet that has all the ideal portions of nutrients that your pet requires.

Buy Them Treats

Treats are a great way to show your cat that you care. Treats are also a great way to reward your cat for good behavior and being part of the family. There's nothing better than seeing your kitty happy. Temptations Cat Treats have a range of treats that your feline friend will surely like.

Promise to Take Good Care Throughout

Your cat will love you and be happy to spend the day with you if you keep your promises:

  • Promise to take good care throughout the year.

  • Promise to have fun with them.

  • Promise to love them unconditionally.

  • Promise to spend time with them, play with them, and give them treats whenever they need them.

  • Promise never to let him/her go outside without supervision again.

  • And most of all, promise to take him/her for regular vet visits.


We know that these tips will help you show your cat just how much you love them, but there's one more thing we can share with you. Cats are mysterious creatures that seem to have a mind of their own, so instead of trying too hard to get them to do something, just let them be themselves. After all, it's better than forcing any sort of uniformity onto our feline friends. Since they won't listen anyway, the only thing left for us humans is to enjoy this fun holiday with them and celebrate all things kitty-related.

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