The cat breeds that get along well with dogs

The cat breeds that get along well with dogs

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The unending altercations between Tom and Spike in our favorite Tom and Jerry cartoons taught us of an insurmountable cat-dog hostility. That is why those super cute photos on the internet with cats and dogs posing together always confused us. Were they Photoshopped images? Why else is Fido looking so beatific in the presence of his sworn enemy? Why arenโ€™t they fighting tooth and nail instead as you feared?Surprise, surprise! As it turns out, things donโ€™t have to be as gory as you imagined! There are certain cat breeds that actually bond well with dogs! An avid pet lover has no more cause for worry. Bring home these dog-friendly kittens that both you and Fido will fall in love with. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

  1. Abyssinian catsCurious as a cat, playful as a dog โ€“ thatโ€™s an Abyssinian for you. These lively cats can happily get along with any other pet, all the better if it is a dog!
  2. American shorthair catsA calm and docile cat, American shorthair is also quite confident and intelligent. They get along well with just about anyone, including pooches, once a trusting relationship has been founded.
  3. Birman catsThough quiet and gentle with fur like silk, these felines can also be quite playful. They can even enjoy a game of fetch along with their doggie partners!
  4. Bombay catsAffectionate and warm, these cats can bond well not only with humans, but dogs as well. These dog-like felines form deep and long lasting attachments with their adopted family.
  5. Japanese bobtail catsThese water-loving cats with a bunny-like tail are active and playful. They can even be trained to go for walks in the park along with the canine members of the family!
  6. Maine coon catsAre they tiny dogs or overgrown cats? It is hard to believe that the Maine coons belong to the cat family! They display certain dog-like traits such as lovingly tailing their owners around the house and showing an unusual interest in playing games with them!
  7. Norwegian forest catsThese large and athletic cats are quite capable of holding their own. Once they โ€œnegotiateโ€ and establish boundaries with the family dogs, they can easily get along together like a house on fire!
  8. Ragdoll catsRagdoll cats are extremely gentle and fun to watch as they goof around the house. Their sweet temperament endears them to humans and dogs alike!
  9. Siberian catsThough they may have that serious cat-face, Siberian cats are very playful and exuberant. These naughty little fur balls can even co-opt your usually well-behaved dogs into their mischievous plans which will leave you in splits!
  10. Tonkinese catsThese blue-eyed beauties are both loving and playful; a perfect companion for Fido when he wants to play fetch!

5 Cat Breeds That Are Surprisingly Affectionate

Cats may not be among the most affectionate of animals, but some cat breeds can take you by surprise with how open to snuggling up they are. Cats can be quite distant and aloof, agreed. They arenโ€™t as ready to cuddle as dogs are, either. However, this doesnโ€™t mean that cats donโ€™t need affection from their humans. Cats love attention and affection as much as other pets. Theyโ€™d like nothing more than to curl up and go to sleep in your lap. The difference is, cats tend to be independent and may not necessarily express this need. Listed below are 5 cat breeds that are exceptionally affectionate and would make for perfect cuddle buddies -

  • Ragdoll โ€“ Ragdolls enjoy being indoors, surrounded by people showering them with affection. They are equally comfortable with kids and adults. The Ragdoll is laidback and loving. The breed has come to be named so, as they become limp in your arms, just like a ragdoll would. The Ragdoll cat breed enjoys being held and handled by their human companions just as any pup would.
  • Singapura โ€“ The Singapura cat breed is tiny in size but full of vibrant energy. They love being the center of attention and being tasked with helping around the house. Despite their boundless energy and enthusiasm, Singapura cats enjoy their share of snuggle time just as much. Donโ€™t be surprised if you find your Singapura tucked into your blanket beside you when you sleep โ€“ it's only trying to draw some warmth and affection from you.
  • Balinese โ€“ The Balinese is an extremely intuitive and sensitive cat breed. It will know when you're feeling out of sorts and come cuddle with you to lift your mood up. Good-humored and friendly, these cats are a delight to snuggle with.
  • Siamese โ€“ The Siamese cat is incredibly affectionate and likes to convey its feelings vocally to its caregivers. If you own a Siamese cat, you will find it fitting itself into the cradle of your arm pretty often, as it proceeds to meow the events of its day in detail to you.
  • Scottish Fold โ€“ Do you happen to have a Scottish Fold around the house? You can trust it to follow you around wherever you go. Loyal and playful, these cats want your attention and are not afraid to ask for it. Overall, the Scottish Fold cat is a great family pet โ€“ one you wonโ€™t regret bringing home.

Still think cats canโ€™t be affectionate? The 5 cat breeds listed above love to snuggle up to their pet parents. When you bring a member of these cat breeds home, you will be taken aback as to how open to showing affection cats can be!

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