The Boldest and Best Funny Cat Pictures Lolcats, meme cats, and more!

The Boldest and Best Funny Cat Pictures

Funny pictures of cats have been taking the internet by swarm. They are cute, expressive, and are chock full of attitude, so it comes as no surprise that thousands of cat owners take a great amount of pleasure out of putting words to the things their cats do. Here are some of the funniest examples of what is now known as the "Lolcat" movement.

Lolcat [Loh-L ka-t] - noun. -- A fusion of the popular acronym lol (laugh out loud) with the word cats. A term connoting the recent internet phenomenon whereby the inner machinations of cat thoughts and behavior are expressed through a series of humorous images and grammatically incorrect captions.

If you have been online anytime within the past five years, you are probably aware of this trend sweeping the internet. Lolcats, cat memes, funny cat pictures, call it what you like, but this one-time fad is now bordering on becoming a full blown epidemic, now making up 95% of all the content on the internet**.

Since the only thing needed to generate this content is a camera, a cat, and a tentative grip on the English language (at best), it is much easier to create a Lolcat meme than an illustrated cartoon or a live action video. Because of that, people have been cranking out images without having a funny, or original, idea behind them, making it easy to get lost in the tepid sea of Lolcat mediocrity.

Well, no longer! We here at PetCareRx and DogWork have done some serious sifting and selected the best examples of funny cat meme humor. Here they are in one easy to find location. Enjoy!

**hyperbolic statistic fabricated to make a point

And now... Funny cat pictures!

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