The Best Web Tools for Dog Owners


Have you been wondering if your dog is a healthy weight, how to budget for your dog's supplies, or how to find the best dog food? If you're like many pet parents, these questions and others are just a few pieces of the puzzle that is caring for our pets.With so much information out there, how do you get down to the stuff that's relevant to you and your pooch, and fast?We've rounded up the best web tools for dog owners, including some by us here at PetCareRx, so you can get down to the business of caring for your pet. Take a look at how these tools can make pet parenting easier.

How Old Is My Dog?

These two tools will help you pinpoint your dog's age in people years -- useful for realizing when and why your dog might become a senior, and start needing specialized care.

Which Side of 7 Is Your Pet?

- This slick tool by

Hill's Pet Nutrition

asks for your guess of your pet's age in human years, and then tells you how close you are. Take a look a the easy-to-read graph to see where you pet is in their life span. Be sure to click on the "Snapshot" to find out your pet's real human-year age equivalent. This tool even offers some advice on nutrition and care for your dog depending on their life stage.

Which Side of 7 toolDog Age Calculator

- In just a few clicks, this tool from


will tell you how old your pet is in human years and what life stage they're in. Complete with dozens of dog breeds and mixed breeds to choose from when inputting your dog's information, this tool will give you personalized information, and even recommend a couple products for your dog.

Dog Age CalculatorIs My Dog Eating the Right Dog Food?Dog Food Finder



Dog Food Finder is designed to help you narrow down the hundreds and hundreds of dog food options out there to a good selection of foods that are perfect for your dog. Is your dog a small breed puppy and your preferred brand is Natural Balance? Presto! You'll see the perfect options for you.

Dog Food FinderWhat Should I Be Asking My Vet about My Dog?Dog Health Checklist

ย -ย This handy tool at (Bayer Health Care)

asks you a series of simple questions about your dog's health and generates a list of questions you can print out and take straight to the vet's office. It'll also generate a few recommendations for you based on your inputs about your dog's health, like reminders to get flea protection or when to see your vet.

Is My Dog a Healthy Weight?Pet Weight Score

ย - Use this toolย byย 

Hill's Pet Nutrition

ย to compare your own dog to images of underweight, healthy weight, and overweight pets. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this tool will take the mystery out of assessing your pet's weight. With spot-specific help, you'll be able to asses your pet's weight from cues from their spine, waist, cheeks, and more.

Pet Weight ScoreHealthy Dog Weight Tool



Healthy Dog Weight tool asks for your dog's breed, gender, and weight, and then delivers personalized information about your pet's weight range. If your pet is over or underweight for their breed and gender, you'll get tips about food, exercise, and other adjustments to get your dog back on track.

Healthy Dog Weight Tool

What if My Dog Gets Lost?Report a Lost Pet

-ย This tool fromย (Bayer Health Care)

ย lets you create a listing for a missing pet and share the information with local shelters, so anyone who finds them can return them to you. You can also create a missing pet poster to place around your neighborhood and help speed up your reunion.



is an internationalย pet microchip registry. Enter a found pet's microchip number, and you'll be able to safely return the pet to their owner.

How Can I Make Sure My Dog Fits into My Budget?The Cost of Owning a Dog

- This dog cost calculator tool from


breaks down the probable costs of adopting, vaccinating, and caring for a dog. It calculates the cost of owning your dog for their lifetime, so be sure to keep that in mind when getting the final tally! You can divide that number by the number of years you expect to share with your dog to get a reliable yearly budget.

Is My Dog Protected from Pests and Infections?Flea and Tick Maps and Alerts

ย - This interactive map from


shows you the threat level from fleas and ticks in your area in real time. Enter your zip code to get data on your area, and find recommendations for products to keep your dog protected.

Flea Tick Map

Heartworm Map

- In the same personalized vein as the Flea and Tick Maps and Alerts,


Heartworm Map asks for your zip code and serves up-to-date information on the risk level of heartworm for your dog. Find the products you need instantly to keep your dog protected.

Heartworm Map

We hope you and your dog get just what you need from these tools!

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