The Best Durable Dog Beds for Your Special Pup When Your Dog's Sleeping, Make Sure They Are Comfy

Jack Russell sleeping in a bed

Just like there are tons of dog types out there, so too should there be types of dog beds. Dogs that are always laying around have different bedding needs than a dog that is constantly moving. Find the perfect bed for your pooch here.

Every dog deserves a place to call their own, and for most dogs, that place is their bed. However, just like there are numerous shapes and sizes of dogs, so too should there be numerous types of beds to suit these disparate dogs’ needs. If you are curious about what kind of bed would suit your dog best, these are your options.

The Snooze King

Smart Bed Donut

  • Ultra cushy for a deluxe sleeping experience
  • Nano tech keeps fabric clean
  • Quick drying
  • Perfect for elderly dogs

The Spartan Dog

DreamZone Fleece Pet Bed

  • Easily washable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Rolls up for easy travel
  • Comfy fleece

The Multi-Dog Home

Monogramable Snoozzy Beds

  • Monogramable, so you can tell whose bed is whose
  • Rolls up for easy travel
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable fabric for a cozy sleep
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