The Best Cat GIF Post in the History of CAT GIFs

The Best Cat GIF Post in the History of CAT GIFs

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Cats are entertaining, and we don't know what the internet would be like without them. Here goes, some of the best Cat GIF posts that we have come across till now.

  1. Luv tennis!giphy1These little kitties love this time of the year, when hooman takes them to watch a match of tennis. Although, if they have their way, tennis would be played in a massive box, they say.
  2. Cats can be jerks too!giphy2This cat took the โ€œif it fits, I sitsโ€ cat phrase quite literally. Once he knew that the other cat fit into the box, there was no looking back. Snap! He shut the lid close and sat on it!
  3. The wise catgiphy3This cat is a wise companion. He is the sort of pet that you can have life conversations with and will make you question what you are doing in life.
  4. We know that the underdog always wins, but what about cats?giphy4This little kitten picked up some bravado after watching wild cats on television. Only things didn't go as expected. One half-annoyed paw-slap was all it took to take him down.
  5. Don't you just hate it when the portal in the wall disappears just when you need it? He sure does!giphy5This cat now knows better. He'll just take the flying carpet the next time he wants to make a dash.
  6. Some cats are slow...others, are sneaky (especially if it's a treat! Yummy!)giphy6The sneaky cat still thinks that he is the smoothest thief in the neighborhood!
  7. Just another peaceful day in cat land..It's an ambush! Run run run!giphy7We like how the three cats just walked away like it's the most natural thing to do. โ€œJust another regular day in cat land, nothing more to see here hooman!โ€
  8. โ€œOoh..a fish bowl! I wonder if I'd fit in it.โ€giphy8โ€œSo, this is how fish feel. I declare this to be my territory now!โ€
  9. But that's not what is supposed to happen! Well, some cats are just wired differently!giphy9โ€œThis is not your usual cartoon show, now scoot! Run for your life!โ€
  10. Cat on the top be like โ€œWow, some cats can be really stupidโ€giphy10Poor Ralph! He's always bullied by the other cats!
  11. โ€œEverybody, on the count of put your hands up in the air!โ€giphy11Some would call it empathetic yawns, but we like to call them synchronized dancing kittens.
  12. โ€œI'm not kidding, there is a whole lot of cat nip down there. You can go see for yourself!โ€giphy12โ€œThe things that some cats do for cat nip!โ€
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