The Best Boarding Options For Your Pet


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It might seem like your pet has a sixth sense when you are about to take a trip, especially if they are not invited. Your dog starts looking all dour and depressed during your pre-vacation hustle. Before you go away, you have to decide what you want to do with your canine companion. Here are a few boarding options for Fido while you are away:

  1. Pet sitting โ€“ Using a sitter is one of the best ways to fuse the professional with the personal. A lot of dogs feel comfortable when they are left in their own environments. So, if you have an experienced sitter who can stop by for feedings, playtimes and walks, it is a great option. It is up to you to decide whether you want the sitter to visit your home regularly, or have them stay in the house for the entire duration of the trip.
  2. In-house boarding โ€“ This is an equally good option. It involves bringing your pet to the sitterโ€™s home before you leave. In-house boarding gives your dog the chance to socialize with other dogs under proper supervision. It also makes it possible to give him individualized attention and more daily interaction. It is more affordable than hiring a sitter and you have the added security of not giving up the house keys.
  3. Traditional boarding โ€“ One of the standard options is to place your pet in a cattery or a boarding kennel while you are away. If you are going to go down this road, make sure that you call them and book in advance. Confirm as to whether they have a PCSA certification and licensed caretakers. Since dogs are sociable and pack animals by their very nature, make sure that you pick out a facility where they have enough time to play around with other dogs.
  4. Neighbor/family friend โ€“ If you have a neighbor or a good friend who goes gaga every time he/she sees your pet, it just got a lot easier for you. You can ask them to stop by your house to feed and play around with your dog. Make sure that the person is responsible and knows the basics of pet care. Be cautious if your dog is eccentric and has a history of marking up new territory, as it might put a strain on your friendship. If the neighbor or friend is a pet owner, then you can return the favor for them someday or bring back a small token from your trip.
  5. Take Fido along โ€“ It is a lot of fun to travel with your pet and it is becoming a lot more feasible as you have a lot of pet-friendly hotels cropping up around the country. If you are planning to go camping, take your dog along. He will enjoy hanging out with your family outdoors. Double check to make sure that the vacation is pet friendly as a lot of beaches and parks donโ€™t allow dogs.
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